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Police State Surveillance

‘Emergency’ Surveillance Powers Ruled Illegal In UK


[ssba] Britain’s high court ruled on Friday, that new legislation granting the state “vital emergency surveillance” powers is illegal. In the 45-page ruling, the court said a section of the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act broke European Union human rights rules by allowing security services to obtain citizens’ private communications data without proper oversight. The ruling effectively nullifies aspects ...

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NSA Bulk Data Collection Restored By Secret Court


[ssba] A secret surveillance court ruled earlier this week that a federal court and Congress acted in error when it ended the NSA’s bulk collection of phone metadata last month, reinstating the once-secret program exposed by Edward Snowden in 2013. In a move that has seen little media coverage, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court ruled Monday that the National Security ...

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IG Report: Patriot Act Powers Have Led To No Major Terrorism Victories For FBI


[ssba] The FBI can produce no example of a major victory against terrorism thanks to the increased snooping powers granted by the Patriot Act, the Justice Department’s inspector general said in a report Thursday. “The agents we interviewed did not identify any major case developments that resulted from use of the records obtained in response to Section 215 orders,” Inspector General ...

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FBI Admits To Flying Spy Planes Over Baltimore Riots

Cessna 182 Enforcer

[ssba] Federal authorities admitted Wednesday to using aircraft for surveillance flights over Baltimore, during the riots, after concerned citizens who observed the craft set off a social media firestorm earlier this week. “The aircraft were specifically used to assist in providing high-altitude observation of potential criminal activity to enable rapid response by police officers on the ground,” FBI spokeswoman Amy ...

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EFF Takes On DEA Phone Surveillance In Federal Lawsuit

dea vs eff

[ssba] The Electronic Frontier Foundation has filed a lawsuit on behalf of the organization Human Rights Watch affirming that the DEA, acting on behalf of the Justice Department, violated the Constitution by secretly gathering logs of billions of calls from the United States to as many as 116 countries. The lawsuit, filed in federal court Wednesday, asks a judge to ...

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Virginia Gov. Attempts To Rewrite Bill Limiting Government Surveillance

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe

[ssba] Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe  is attempting to amend a bill that would protect Virginia residents from high-tech government surveillance. Senate Bill 965, introduced by Democratic Sen. Chap Petersen, was designed to protect citizens’ right to privacy. The bill would limit the ability of government agencies and their use of technology to collect and maintain personal information on individuals and ...

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Snowden Exposes CIA Role In Warrantless Cellphone Tracking


[ssba] The US Marshals Service through its parent agency, the Department of Justice (DOJ), teamed with the Central Intelligence Agency to use technology that tricks cell phones into connecting to it in order to obtain data without warrants, new revelations from Edward Snowden reported by the Wall Street Journal show. ‘Dirtboxes’ or ‘Stingray’ surveillance technologies developed by private firms in ...

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Prosecutors Give Armed Robber Plea Deal To Avoid Disclosing ‘Stingray’ Surveillance Practices


[ssba] Rather than have police disclose the controversial ‘stingray’ surveillance practices that lead to the arrest of an armed robber, state prosecutors in Tallahassee, Florida have opted instead to grant the man a plea deal in order to keep from having to reveal the methods they used to catch him. 20-year-old Tadrae McKenzie and two buddies robbed a small-time pot ...

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UK Announces Plan To Equip Every Car In Country With Government-Controlled Remote

Credit: Ofcom

[ssba] It looks like the green mask is being pulled back in the UK. Today that nations government made public a plan to remotely control vehicles on roads using wi-fi technology in order to reduce traffic and ‘fight global warming.’ Ofcom, the UK government’s regulatory body that controls communications, released a report today outlining a framework for establishing a state ...

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