Chief Defends Video of Cop Threatening to Kill Passenger on Youtube: “I’ll F***ing Put a Round in Your Ass So Quick”


A Florida police officer pointed a gun at a passenger and threatened to kill him after the driver was slammed to the ground and handcuffed during a “routine” Boynton Beach traffic stop last year. The incident was caught on video.

After the video resurfaced and began garnering more attention on social media recently, Boynton Beach Police Chief Jeffrey Katz took to YouTube to defend the actions of his officers.

The footage begins with an officer having a conversation with a group of men in a parked car after a stop. When the cop demands to see everybody’s ID, one of the men informs the officer that he is recording the encounter.

“Turn that phone off right now,” states the officer, to which the man responds, “No I’m not intimidated, I have rights, sir, I’m recording your ass,” before unleashing a string of profanities as the officer walks away.

The officer then walks around to the other side of the car and gives his badge number but refuses to provide his name, which according to one of the men in the car is “Danish.”

“What’s your name sir?” asks one of the men, before the cop swats the cell phone out of his hand and drags him out of the car, throwing him to the ground.

Another officer then arrives with his gun drawn before breaching the driver side door and stating, “I’ll fucking, I’ll put a round in your ass so quick.” The cop then opens the passenger door with his gun drawn and the video ends.

According to Chief Katz, the men in the car were “escalating” the situation by “recording the interaction.” The officer’s actions were justified because one of the men “reached out of his window with a black object in his hand” (a cell phone). Katz also cited a “violent home invasion robbery” that had occurred within a 2 mile radius as justification for the hostile response to the men in the car.

Although the men in the car were foul-mouthed, they could hardly be described to have been acting in an aggressive manner.

Katz asserted that the men were deemed a threat because they weren’t displaying an appropriate level of “fear” towards the officers, stating, “When I watch this video, I don’t see a car full of young men who are behaving in a manner consistent with fear of the police.”

The men had apparently done nothing to arouse suspicion in the first place.

Chief Katz’s full Youtube comments:

A message from Boynton Beach Police. Chief Katz:

I’ve seen this video before – probably about a year ago. It continues to surface despite the fact nobody has made a complaint or provided helpful information from which we could put this incident in context or take corrective action if applicable. Despite this fact, my staff and I did an exhaustive search of our records in order to try to identify this incident, which occurred on February 4, 2013. What we learned is:

• The persons within this car were within a 2 mile perimeter officers established in response to a violent home invasion robbery in which the suspects were armed with a machete (BBPD Case number 13-5715).

• The persons within the vehicle were – as you can see on the video – less than cooperative and, in some cases antagonistic toward the officers.

• The driver reached out of his window with a black object in his hand. The sergeant immediately felt threatened by this gesture and took actions to protect himself and others on the scene.

People these days seem to like to draw strong and definitive conclusions based upon clips of video and information. That’s not how this complex world works, folks. The driver and occupants of a vehicle have far more to do with the outcome of a traffic stop than does the initiating officer. Respect begets respect. Antagonism and hostility are met with defensiveness and it escalates the officers’ stress response – this never leads to a more productive and civil engagement. When I watch this video, I don’t see a car full of young men who are behaving in a manner consistent with fear of the police. These young men are escalating this incident, being uncooperative with officers who are investigating a violent crime, and recording their interaction – presumably with the hopes of catching a “gotcha” moment on the part of our personnel.

I hate to disappoint them, but no gotcha moment exists here…which is why I suspect nobody ever came forward to make a complaint about this. Rest assured, absent a complaint we still looked into this incident and found the officers’ actions to be appropriate and justifiable given the totality of the circumstances. To those who are attempting to use this video to stoke racial tension and fear – I’d encourage you to work toward a solution and engage productive behaviors. For example:

• Report what you perceive to be police misconduct – and let us know when we are doing something right as well!

• Participate in our citizen’s police academy, and learn more about why and how we do the things we do… Ignorance is a terrible catalyst to judgment.

• Make an appointment to come chat with me about the direction of the department and offer your suggestions for improved service.

If you didn’t know the information I shared with in about the broader context and circumstances of this incident and drew a conclusion, reconsider with these facts in mind. Facts are a stubborn thing.

  • spoonman

    HAHA… he didnt know he was being recorded…. just pulled up, ran, “ILL KILL YOU,” Looks around…AHhhh FUk! lol

    • anon

      that’s not what he said. You are mis-quoting. He said something like put your hands up 1st then when the passenger (probably wasn’t recorded) disobeys and puts his hand down by his body and could possibly be reaching for a weapon the officer kindly warns him that the passenger is risking his life by not complying with commands.

      • Bored

        kindly? he said he was going to shoot him…wtf

  • Mansky

    I had no idea that we now lived in a country where our response to police should be one of fear. The more the police decide to load up on weapons, the more difficult they are going to find the American public to deal with. Respect is a two way street, and you don’t simply earn my trust by putting on a badge; it doesn’t work like that anymore, not after so much corruption and abuse.

    • WhiskeyRun

      Apparently, they all have a license to kill.

      • anon

        I saw no killing

        • WhiskeyRun

          You must be slow.

    • anon

      Well you are wrong then. You should respect officers and we have found the root of the problem right here. Right off the bat you are belligerent.
      Always record. Comply 1st, if wronged you can now sue later. But this officer wasn’t wrong he was asking the man to make safe his hand but obviously the commands were not followed and the officer warned of the mortal danger that comes with that.

      • TaxiationIsTheft

        lol… you must be a cop…. Why do you automatically take their side. Police are the states enforcers funded completely off tax payer theft like the rest of government. The only reason these guys were pulled over was because they were black. They were not charged with anything from what i can tell. There was a robbery 2 miles away and these swine see some black people… they pull them over for no reason and commence to ordering them around… I would be mad too… So what they were cussing? THATS NOT BELLIGERENT…. now i know you must be a cop… probably the piece of shit in the video… because only a piece of shit cop would rationalize threatening to kill someone… If you werent there however, you have no idea what the boy in the front seat was doing nor can you justify why the other cop smacked the mans camera down and drug him out of the car… Imagine if regular people acted like this to these young men…. they would be charged with assault and communicating threats. The only difference between a cop and a regualr person is a funny looking costume and a shinny piece of metal. BADGES DONT GRANT EXTRA RIGHTS… and if you think they do you have fallen victim to the superstition of authority… the idea that just because these men dress in blue that they some how have super natural authority over the rest of us… The fact of the matter is that police are the number one threat to public safety these days and have be completely militarized and train to see the american people as their enemies. You are EIGHT TIMES more likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist… chew on that… These agents of the state are nothing more than revenue generators eating out the substance of their already heavily taxed countrymen for any number of irrational and victimless crimes like speeding or drug possession…. THEY ARE PIRATES… VIOLENT MARAUDERS that are held to a different standard by those like you that think there is some kind of benevolance in what they do… If anyone elses acted like this they would be caged immediately… and if you are the cop in the video let me just say that you can serve humanity in much better ways than treating them like shit and doing things like robbing them for going 5 miles over the speed limit….

      • soulsabr

        I’m sorry. Could you repeat your statment about suing later if the cop shoots and kills you? Or rapes you?

        Comply first. Wrong. This is America. If the cop is following the law then you are obligated to comply because it will be a legal demand. If the cop is not following the law then you are well within your rights to tell the cop to take a hike.
        What is it with cops today? Do they check their balls in when they get their badge? OMFG! He’s going to shoot me! OH WOES IS ME! Grow a pair or get off the force.
        By the by; here in Texas that kid would have been justified in defending himself using lethal force since the cop drew for ZERO reason. Further, a passing CCW holder would have been likewise justified in defending the kid in the same manner.

        And, finally, if you can’t follow the law then don’t be a cop. We are not required by law to fear or respect you. Deal with it.

  • Zarathustra

    If a saw someone hold an unarmed person hostage with their weapon drawn, I’d “put a round in their ass” regardless of the badge on their shirt.

    • anon

      You dont know if the passenger was armed or not. Neither did the officer.

  • johnsmith

    I hate to defend the cops, who are clearly being fascist… but… Why the hell did you go and call that man a bitch and a cracker, and challenge his authority to act? Then you pretend that you’re surprised they are acting so badly? come on… you know better than using racial slurs.

    • anon

      While you should respect the law and those who uphold it, a cop should be immune to taunting.

  • D3 viate

    Maybe next time the guys in the car wont be so racist! I don’t feel sorry for them at all.

  • wethrowpie

    “I don’t see a car full of young men who are behaving in a manner consistent with fear of the police. ” Fucking cops. Always afraid of their worst enemy – the camera. Then for the chief to spit out this kind of bullshit really shows what the police mentality is: violent and childish. Cops are nothing but high school bullies with guns.

  • Some Guy

    Fuck you, Chief Katz. It’s YOUR fault as much as it is the pig in the video, because you haven’t fired his ass for his “respeck man athoritah” tantrum.

    PUBLIC safety is the top priority of peace officer. Debut Fife here is a disgrace to himself, to whatever honor your police department ever had, and to the human race as a whole.

    • anon

      You are so retarded some guy… The passengers were being beligerant, the officer who responded acted appropriately. When instructed to show his hands when the passenger (probably wasn’t recorded) disobeys and puts his hand down by his body and could possibly be reaching for a weapon the officer kindly warns him that the passenger is risking his life by not complying with commands.

  • rudeboi

    I’ve had a few run ins with the fuckin’ cops and if you don’t act afraid it throws them completely off their game. They need the public to be afraid of them because scared people are very obedient.

    And also, never ever answer cops questions because they gotta ask then they are just fishing and you gonna mess around and make yourself look guilty of something. You ask are you being detained or am I under arrest that’s that. Never consent to anything and always keep your hands where they can see them. Don’t curse either no matter how much you want to and stop calling these fuckers “sir”, officer will do.

    • anon

      The driver and his passengers were not behaving as you suggest they should have so I’ll assume you support the officer

  • adam ramoa

    Doesn’t matter if the young men were being racist… It’s a cops job to be a cop not be upset about some young kids talking shit… If the cop was black and the young gentlemen were white. And said bigger this bigger that. It would be the cops job* to ignore the stupid slander and finish the traffic stop or whatever. . Not get all flustered ask for back up have one dude point a gun out and aim it at a kid who knows no better.. just for running his mouth… U less the young men say in a kick your ass or kill you or kill your mother etc then their is no threat…. So no still not valid for a “defend the cops scenario”…

    If your son in school was getting bullied and the bully was simply just talking shit… Your son has no right to hit him… Correct… . And if you believe other wise.. well the your life rule book is fucked up…