Cop Filmed Shooting Unarmed Man After Wreck Charged With Manslaughter


More than two months after a California police officer was filmed shooting an unarmed man in the neck following a car wreck, he has finally been charged with involuntary manslaughter.

In November, 26-year-old Andrew Thomas left a bar with his headlights off and was tailed by Paradise police officer Patrick Feaster, who suspected him of drunk driving.

During the drive, Thomas struck the median and rolled his SUV. His wife was ejected from the vehicle and died at the scene.

Dash-cam footage recorded of the incident shows Feaster walking up to the wreck as Thomas tries to climb out of the SUV. Feaster is then seen immediately pulling out his gun and shooting him as be pops up out of the passenger side window.

Thomas was unarmed, posed no threat to the officer and was initially paralyzed by the shot which nearly severed his spinal cord. He would later die in the hospital from his injuries.

In the aftermath of the shooting, Feaster failed to tell dispatchers that he had opened fire. A shell casings was found at the scene but the cop can be seen in the footage searching the ground in an apparent attempt to find the evidence.

It was ultimately left to Thomas to tell other officers that he had been shot. It wasn’t until eleven minutes after the shooting that Feaster finally admitted he had fired his weapon.

Watch the raw footage:

Feaster claimed the shot was an accidental discharge and Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey refused to file charges against him following the incident. After protests and public pressure however, Ramsey reopened the investigation when Thomas died in the hospital in December.

Earlier this week, Feaster was fired from the department and on Wednesday, he was charged with involuntary manslaughter. He appeared in court, where he entered no plea and was released on his own recognizance.

He is scheduled to return to court in two weeks.

  • Stephen C. Rhodes

    One spent cartridge was found at the scene.

    1) I have read that Chris Fierro was outside of the Canteena and someone called 911 about a disturbance. Why does a bar owner act as a bouncer, breaking up a fight between two women? Was Ehorn one of them? Did Patrick Feaster respond to the dispatcher about the disturbance? Or did he use his “mission” statement and wait for a car to leave the parking lot, per his usual MO? ‪…‬‬ I would like to hear the dispatch log transcripts. I find it hard to believe that Feaster didn’t hear a horn honking or a person jumping on the hood of a car and yelling, as two women fight and a bar owner trying to break it up, less than a block away. That’s got to be somewhat loud? “He was called to the scene of the cantina bar for a disturbance call. He was a half block away and decided not to make an appearance. Instead he waited for the first car to leave and pull it over.” Jonathan Parsons says. Feaster was more interested in another DUI stop than responding to a disturbance call. No audio on the dash cam, smells like a deep dish Chicago style pizza in the cruiser to me. “He was pretty belligerent,” Fierro said in the November 30 interview. “Causing a lot of attention to himself. I knew I wasn’t going to let him back into the bar.” from Kelli Saam. (Feaster) As he gets out of the police cruiser, he does NOT turn on his issued body cam? Which he had done every other DUI stop since it was issued to him.

    2) Feaster shoots Andrew Thomas. You need to read this: A cop take.

    ‪…/when-a-cop-is-just…/‬‬ I couldn’t add anything to that.

    3) No help for Darien Ehorn. In the 12:57, video an officer at 2:05 mark asks, “Do you know her”, Feaster replies, “Yep.” How did he know her? With her face covered. At the 2:08 mark on the video the supervising officer says “Do her c-spine right now.” Directed at Feaster, he ignores that command. If she had been put in a c-collar before she was rolled over for pictures! “Flip her if you have to” Officer John Alvies says. Maybe she could have survived long enough for her family to say goodbye to her.

    4) I see that Andrew Thomas was not in a c-collar at the 12:22 mark in the video, so he was removed from the 4 Runner without a c-collar as well, despite a .45-inch hole in his neck?

    5) I shoot the same gun that Feaster shot Thomas with. If I had an accidental discharge of my weapon, I certainly would not reholster it. You are less likely to blow off your kneecap or a toe, if it is not pointed in those directions. If I wasn’t sure that the weapon fired, after my ears stopped ringing, all I would have to do is eject the magazine from the Glock 21C and see the graduated numbers at the back. If the #13 slot is silver, Yeah, if the #13 slot is black Oops. Tab mic, “shots fired” takes 5 seconds. To look where his is looking for brass is stupid. It would have kicked out to the right curb or beyond.