The Stone family dog, Rayleigh

Cop Shoots Family Dog in Front of Children, Tickets Mother for No Tags


A Berkeley, Illinois woman says she was given a citation after police shot her dog in front of her two young children, Friday.

Gina Marie Stone said Berkeley police subjected her children, ages 4 and 5, to a traumatic event when they were playing outside.

“When I was putting daughter’s clothes away I heard like a noise,” Stone said. “The kids came in running like ‘The cops shot Rayleigh, they killed Rayleigh.’”

Officials say Sgt. Justin Patti was forced to shoot the animal because it “lunged at him.” “It was reported by one of the callers that called our station that [the children] were using conduit pipe, sticks, chasing after the dog and hitting it,” Patti said.

“The dog actually became aggressive towards the officer, lunged at him, got within close proximity and the officer had to protect himself.”

Rayleigh survived the shooting, and is recovering at a nearby animal hospital.

Stone was given a citation for having a “vicious dog at large without tags.” Officials say that additional charges were possible.

Neighbor Wanda Williams said that she is shocked that Berkeley police would shoot a dog with children nearby. “What startled me even more is that these babies were right there by the cops,” Williams said.

Police State Daily attempts to reach the Berkeley Police Department for comment were unsuccessful.

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