30-year Chicago police veteran Jon Burge

Cop Tortured 118 Black Men, Cost Taxpayers $120M: Leaves Prison With Pension After 3.5 Years


An ex-Chicago police officer who reportedly participated in and oversaw the torture of 118 Black men while in his custody, has been released from prison and will be allowed to keep his pension.

Jon Burge, 66, served only three and half years in a federal minimum security prison after torture complaints poured in over his 30-year tenure with the Chicago Police Department.

Burge was released from his sentence early into a halfway house in Tampa, Florida where he will be given his full police pension of $4,000 per month. He also collected his pension while he was incarcerated.

Anthony Holmes was one of the prisoners Jon Burge personally tortured with electric shock to make him confess to a murder Anthony Holmes says he never committed.

Holmes, who is now in his 70s, spent 30 years in prison as a consequence of the coerced confession.

While some of the victims were wrongly imprisoned as a result of Burge’s ruthless actions, many have received millions of dollars worth of settlements.

In 1983, Darrell Cannon was wrongly convicted of murder. He under went brutal torture under the direction of Burge with an electric cattle prod. He was repeatedly shocked in the genitals, beat with a flashlight and made to put an empty shotgun into his mouth and pulled the trigger until he confessed.

Cannon was imprisoned for 24 years, but he managed to get dismissed of the murder charge and was released in 2007.

20 of Jon Burge’s victims are still imprisoned. Out of 118 Jon Burge torture cases, 65 are currently being reviewed by the Illinois Torture Inquiry and Relief Commission.

Burge was convicted of perjury (lying under oath) about police torture in 2011. He has cost Chicago taxpayers more than $120,000,000 in legal defense fees and settlements during his 30-year career.

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  • Rogue cops cost us money

    With all those people he fucked over you have to wonder how long will he live w/o the protection of the government?

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