Dallas Officer Kills Unarmed Man Who “Rushed at Him”


An unarmed man was shot and killed Sunday by a Dallas Police officer who said the man “rushed at him,” numerous media outlets say.

The officer involved has been identified as Senior Corporal Antonio Hudson, a seven year veteran. The victim is 26-year-old Andrew Scott Gaynier.

Dallas police say they got a disturbance call about a man “walking down the street making lewd comments to women.” Police say Officer Hudson, who was working on Extended Neighborhood Patrol, responded to the location and followed the suspect while waiting for backup to arrive.

Investigators say that’s when Gaynier stopped a car with a family inside and tried to get into the vehicle. Dallas Police spokesman Major Jeff Cotner says the officer feared for the safety of the family and gave loud verbal commands for Gaynier to move away from the car.

Police say surveillance video and witnesses corroborate that Gaynier rushed the officer and Hudson fired his weapon, striking and killing him. No weapon was found.

A witness also told police that Hudson told Gaynier to “show his hands” before the shooting occurred, police say.

Hudson is on routine administrative leave while the incident is investigated. The officer was not injured. The shooting occurred in the 100 block of N. Windomere.

Police State Daily is attempting to obtain surveillance footage of the incident.


    Dallas is the same place where Bobby Bennett “lunged at the officer with a knife” last year. Here’s the link to the story:


  • I can only understand this in terms of cops being overly and almost paranoid cautious. There may be a few things US cops understand about what’s happening behind the curtain, yes? They might have a clue how bad things are about to become, yes?

  • Seqouia

    Imagine if this had just been some other guy that killed this dude… He would have been arrested for murder…