Dallas School Cops Beat, Tase, Handcuff 7-Year-Old Special Needs Child

A mother is livid after her 7-year-old child was beaten, tased and handcuffed by Dallas Independent School District police officers following an outburst he reportedly had in class.

According to April Obin, her special needs son Yosio Lopez suffers from ADHD and a mood disorder. She said he routinely disrupts class and usually just reports to school councilors who help him work through his emotions.

Last Tuesday was different however. Obin said she was called to Gabe P Allen Elementary to pick up Yosio but he wasn’t there. He had been detained by officers and taken to a mental health facility where he was forcibly drugged.

Attorneys obtained by Obin said Yosio was beaten by officers with batons across the legs and was then tased before being handcuffed and physically removed from the school.

“Before [Obin] could get to the school, the DISD police department was called, and handcuffed the child and took the him away,” Attorney Amar Dhillon said. “The boy did vividly describe being shocked and his body convulsing… and he was very clear about that.”

According to Attorney David Ramirez, Yosio said that after he was handcuffed, he was pushed down onto a desk while the school principal choked him by placing her elbow on his neck.

Photos produced by the Attorneys show bruising on Yosio’s legs they claim resulted from the baton strikes. The pictures also supposedly show where the child was tased in his back.

School officials aid in a statement:

The Dallas Independent School District is committed to educating the whole child each day, and in doing so, we believe in providing a productive learning environment that is safe for all staff and students. While there has been media interest into an alleged incident at one of our Dallas ISD campuses, due to federal confidentiality laws protecting the privacy of all students and their families, we are unable to publicly confirm or deny the matter reported.

For the past week, Yosio has been held at the mental health facility against he and his mother’s will. During his first two days there, he was heavily sedated and unable to receive visits, according to Ramirez.

Obin and her Attorneys are now weighing their legal options in preparation of filing a lawsuit against the school district.

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