Denver Police To Keep Children Safe By Detaining, Robbing Them


Police in Denver, Colorado will begin its ‘annual active enforcement period’ of curfew laws prohibiting individuals under the age of 18 from being in public places during certain hours, Friday.

The program, called SafeNite, was launched in 1994 and prohibits juveniles from being in public during the hours between 11:00 pm and 5:00 am weeknights, and from 12:00 am to 5:00 am weekend nights.

The enforcement period will last through late September, and is conveniently divided almost evenly across the last and first three months of the fiscal year – a period used by government to calculate annual financial statements.

Officials say the measure is all about ‘public and child safety’ however, and has cited a recent spike in gang-related violence being perpetrated in part by teens as their rationalization.

“Efforts that promote safety and that aid to reduce the number of youth that enter the legal system are vital to the strength of our communities,” City Safety Director Stephanie O’Malley said.

How is issuing citations to juveniles for breaking an arbitrary curfew ordinance “reducing the number of youths that enter the legal system?”

The program is not just intended to combat gang violence, officials admit.

An O’Malley spokesperson said the enforcement program is targeted around the warmer weather of spring and summer as it correlates with schools letting out for vacation. This means more kids on the street and more citations for the department.

Juveniles who break the ordinance are taken to Denver’s juvenile services center and issued a citation of approximately $125 plus court costs.

In the past five years alone, 2,867 tickets have been issued under the ordinance, according to police records. That has meant around $35,000 in revenue for the city not counting court fees.

The program gives Denver police a license to stop anyone suspected of being a minor for questioning, which invariably will lead to additional altercations, charges, and citations for the department.

Children are exempt from the curfew if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian or if they are in a motor vehicle being used in interstate travel or if they are working, traveling to work or returning from work without any stop.

Those cited for a first time are given the option of participating in a diversion program involving counseling as an alternative to entering the court system, officials say.

The Denver Center for Crime Victims urges the public to call police if they witness an unaccompanied youth on the street after curfew hours.

  • Rogue cops cost us money

    This a prime situation for abuse for anybody that is under 30. We need to ID you to see your age. What about all the adults that refuse to show their ID cause they did nothing wrong, just appear younger. This will totally backfire unless you become a sheeple.

  • modurhead

    sending armed gunmen after kids for a technicality isn’t safe at all

  • ColoradotheBeautiful Nicole

    Huh. Never noticed that in my area. I mean I’ve never noticied the police playing the part of child snatchers. How is it that law enforcement has time to harass kids for breaking a curfew but can’t put up some cameras to prevent graffiti artists or freakin understand that drag racers know their routine (patrols). I actually noticed that the racers adjust their times a couple of days after the patrols- for almost four years. W.T. Eff. *Ranting about drag racing because it wakes me up at midnight and 2 am and 4 am in the summer*

    • Arizona

      NICOLE,you’ll never see whats really going on, till you pull your head out of the police gangs ass and look around,ITS people like you who allow this,but you don’t see a problem with small children in hand cuffs do you……WELL ENJOY the FEMA DEATH CAMPS,I’am sure you’ll be one one of their guests….for 10 days or so anyway……….

      • ColoradotheBeautiful Nicole

        Don’t have to figure in death camps, just foreign occupation and NORAD. The police that mix with the military are mostly going insane anyway and that makes them predictable. (I was being sarcastic in my reference to child snatchers, between all the dead kids to the exploited one’s it’s horrific enough that it almost melts your brain.)
        I directly attribute to God the fact that our society hasn’t offed itself in the last few years. Our government is chronically bipolar in its decisions and the UN just wants people to DIE sooner than later.
        I see plenty of ‘what is going on’, but I don’t view it as entertainment and respond with my emotion like I would in a theater. I analyze and plan for myself and that will enable me to avoid trouble later.

  • Biblepolice

    Take a hard look at those menacing criminals

    • Arizona

      THE ATTACK on the children has started,TO BAD americans don’t care,it will cost them their ass soon,THE FEMA DEATH CAMPS are open now,and a lot of blind americas will gladly go for their last train ride to them,NEVER realizing whats coming after they get there…..TORTURE and THEN DEATH……..

  • Arizona

    THEY do something VERY much the same in COLORADO SPRINGS,only its OLD people,THE SHERIFFS dept.waits till the OLD people have their SSA checks in their pocket and then they stop them out side the supermarkets, FOR ANY BOGAS REASON and ROBB THEM,and if they resist,they take them to JAIL, ON MORE BOGAS CHARGES and then they really RAPE them,court charges,traffic charges,resisting arrest charges,and a dozen more,I know this to be TRUE,they stole $900.00 dollars from me,and I got to be taken to jail too,that cost another $300.00 dollars,THE COURTS ARE ALL RIGGED,and every cop in america is doing this,IT AIN’T just for kids anymore,yes all you old people can have fun too…I got to spend the night in a freezing jail cell……….