Narlin Shadd

Disabled Vet Wins Lawsuit: “Officer Beat Me For Calling Him A Jerk”


Two months after a Cleveland grand jury refused to indict a disabled veteran for ‘assault on a police officer,’ the man was awarded $50,000 as the result of a lawsuit that claimed the officer beat him for calling him a ‘jerk.’

According to the lawsuit, Narlin Shadd was leaving a Cleveland Indians game some years back when he had trouble interpenetrating traffic signals being given by officer Alvin White.

When White confronted Shadd, the disabled military veteran who teaches special education explained that he thought the officer had been waving him through.

The lawsuit said that White reached into the car and pressed his flashlight against Shadd’s lips to stop him from talking.

Shadd said that he pushed the flashlight away, and then he called White a “jerk.”

“Say it again,” White reportedly said, punching Shadd in the mouth. “Say it again.”

The lawsuit alleged that White pulled Shadd out of the car, kicked his leg out from under him, and continued to beat him in front of his wife and daughter.

In a police report, White said that Shadd appeared drunk, bumped him with his car, cursed at him and resisted arrest. White was later forced to admit under oath however, that the collision was inconsequential.

Shadd was arrested and charged with ‘resisting arrest, assault on a police officer and failure to comply.’ He spent three days in jail.

A Cuyahoga County grand jury ruled there was not enough evidence to indict Shadd for the charges.

Shadd sued White after refusing to settle with the city, demanding his day in court. A federal jury sided with Shadd, awarding him $50,000.

Officer White remains with the Cleveland police department.

  • Stoney Browning

    If you punch a disabled veteran, you are a fucking jerk! Case closed!