36-year-old Kianga Mwamba

“You A Dumb Bitch”: Video Shows Officers Accosting Woman For Filming – Claims They Deleted Footage


Video has emerged of a March altercation involving a Baltimore woman, who attempted to film city police officers making an arrest.

36-Year-Old Kianga Mwamba was on her way home when she pulled out her phone to capture the action.

Mwamba informed the officers she had the right to record but the situation quickly escalated, subsequently resulting in the woman being pulled from her car, tased, and arrested for “assault on two police officers.”

The footage shows Baltimore police telling her she can record but one officer yells for her to move out of the way of traffic and park.

“All right, I’ll park,” Mwamba says.

“You need to pull the car over,” police can be heard saying.

“I am about to pull over,” Mwamba replies.

“Give me your f***ing  hands. Out of the car, out of the car, out of the car, out of the car. Get out of the f***ing car,” one officer can be heard shouting.

“Are you serious?” Mwamba objectionably asks?

“Yes!” the officer shouts. “You a dumb b****.”

Watch the raw footage(Warning, offensive language):

As the footage was captured from the first person perspective, it is hard to determine what exactly transpired. Officers initially said Mwamba was arrested and charged with using her vehicle to strike an officer, but in September, prosecutors dropped all the charges concluding that there was insufficient evidence to move forward.

Mwamba and her attorneys maintain that police attempted to delete the footage she recorded but say the woman’s tech-savvy kids recovered the video from iCloud. It was made public for the first time this week.

Baltimore police officials have denounced the actions and language used by the most aggressive officer but the unidentified police employee remains on duty.

“During the arrest, language is used that is both offensive and unacceptable. The Baltimore police department expects and demands that officers treat every citizen with respect, regardless of the situation,” the Baltimore Police Department said in a prepared statement.

Attorneys say Mwamba was left with cuts, bruises and a severe sprain as a result of the incident.

She has filed a $7 million lawsuit against a number of officers she says were involved in her arrest and the deletion of the footage.

Police State Daily requests for comment made to the Baltimore Police Department regarding the deletion allegations were unsuccessful.

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