Home of 27-year-old Jack Jacquez

Family Dumbfounded After Cop Breaks Down Door and Kills Resident: No Explanation Given

A Colorado family is dumbfounded after a Rocky Ford police officer broke down their door, and fatally shot one of the residents in the back without apparent cause or explanation.

Sara Lindenmuth said that a Rocky Ford police officer, now identified as James Ashby, forced his way into her brother-in-laws residence after he came home around 2:00 am Sunday morning.

Lindenmuth says her brother-in-law, 27-year-old Jack Jacquez, and the officer began yelling at each other.

“He was standing next to his mom, his back turned toward the officer and then [Ashby] shot him twice in the back and then pepper sprayed him,” Lindenmuth said. “Then they hand cuffed his fiancé, for reasons I don’t know why. And the mom went to call the cops and the cop took her phone and threw it against the wall.”

“He just showed up,” she explained. “No one knows why he just showed up. It just all happened unexpectedly.”

Jacquez’s fiance, Mariah, said that he had been out late because he was helping a friend babysit. She said she was asleep before she was awoke by gunshots.

“Came out, gun shots firing. Found my fiancé on the floor. He couldn’t breathe,” she affirmed.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation is reportedly investigating the case. Officer James Ashby was placed on administrative leave pending the investigations outcome.

Police State Daily requests for comment made to the Rocky Ford Police Department were unsuccessful but officials have said no details will be released until the CBI investigation is concluded. No explanation as to why the shooting occurred has been given.

Jacquez was shot at his home on 3rd Street near Swink Avenue. He was taken to a local hospital where he died.

Update – Officer James Ashby charged with murder:

  • Rogue cops cost us money

    Cops were on drugs and murdered this guy.

  • swelterskelter

    Guess they need time to make up a story…

    • Frank Herner

      That is exactly what they’re gonna do to. Fabricate the story or make something up so that the police force looks like the hero in the situation, and the man can go back to being a serial killer with a badge.

    • Tom

      Increasingly, police departments around the country are formalizing this story-fabrication period with rules that no cop is allowed to make any statement to the public for a specified time, say, 48 or 72 hours. At the end of that time every cop in the department is expected to know and faithfully repeat the chosen lie.

  • Arch Angel

    The police in America are nothing but organized untouchable thugs! I hope they all get what they deserve 10 fold!

    • peck2

      A 230gr .45 RN will disavow the “untouchable” catagory.

  • Britty Lyn

    Brian Otero talks about a small town where everyone knows everyone. Too true Brian, thought I recognized you. Been a long time since the country club, and damn, has that town fallen apart, and now this. Tragic. I hope we get the real story and not some facade story the CBI gives us. Aren’t these cops supposed to used non-lethal force first? pepper spraying him after shooting him doesn’t make sense.

    • Glenn Festog

      It makes sense if the cop wants to claim he pepper sprayed him first, then shot him. Any witness testimony notwithstanding.

  • Someonetoo

    helping a friend babysit.

    Doesn’t seem so, or does it, the police know exactly why it happened.
    Two things, altercation, or something more sinister.

  • JdL

    This murderer cop should reap as he has sown.

  • Rothbardian Slip

    Obviously, officer safety. Duh!

    Sooner or later, we’re going to stop putting up with this.

  • fatwillie

    Rocky Ford produces great produce, but in every garden, there is some that is rotten, the evil deed done here will be compounded by even more evil that will follow in the lies and coverup. When some are told or lead to believe they are special, they lose sight of good, they lose sight of right and wrong, power corrupts and abuse becomes the norm. There have always been good cops and bad cops, but to the extent of what we have today, most good cops of old would be ashamed to associate with most cops today.

  • JackSchitt

    what are the side effects from steroids?

    • Tuaca1107

      death by cop?

  • Woodstuck

    Administrative leave??? How can we deal with these CRIMES when they go off and make up a story before the press hears anything. Giving crooked cops a paid vacation for shooting anyone is WRONG! We should have the benefit of the doubt, not the cops, they are well paid liars (period). POLICE = Professionally Organized Liars In Criminal Escapades.

  • Woodstuck

    Police are Pawns and they do not even realize it. They are NOT going to like the new “Public” the police have created themselves. This will NOT end nicely as police only know violence and lies.

  • If the cop was in hot pursuit after a crime, especially if the perp had fired on the cop, there was no need to wait until the suspect was inside his home to shoot.
    That implies some other kind of disagreement and a vindictive cop who couldn’t deal with a minor problem peacefully.

    What I want to read is that James Ashby was shot at his home by a citizens posse.

  • peck2

    Reason? We don’t need no stinkin’ reason!

  • kktex12

    Sounds like murder to me. Just watch though. It will be white washed that the in law was resisting arrest.

  • James Michael

    Another cold blooded murder, by a felon psychopath with a badge and gun…Force your way into my home, without my permission and my .50 will be doing all the talking and I don’t give a crap what costume you are wearing….

  • Average Joe American

    Not sure how I got here, but I just signed up (I think).

    I am so tired of people assuring me that “the policeman is your friend,” there are “only a few bad apples,” and “your taxes pay the police to protect you!” Nonsense. If you can’t find your own friends, spot bushels full of rotten fruit, and protect yourself and your friends and family, you’re effin’ SOL, pal. They don’t wonder why they get no respect, they know perfectly well why.

    I’d say–rough guesstimate over the past 60-odd years–the police have been maybe 49% friendly, 49% inimical, and a charitable 2% useful. I am being numerically kind, here. And I’ve lived all over the country, in big cities, small towns, and no-name villages. When a crime occurs the police show up (if they even bother to put down their coffee and donuts) after the fact, then stumble or bluster about demanding to know how you managed to become a “vic.” (I.e., why you interrupted their coffee break or their nap–which they choose to call “cooping.”)

    The good ones we see are on television: Kojak, T.J. Hooker, Columbo. The real ones we see are a freaking joke. (Well, until they jerk out a weapon…then it becomes not so funny.)

    Great site, people. Keep up the good work. (Citizens deserve to know how their money is being wasted.)

  • someone

    KILL the COP!!!!! Shoot that fuck in the head, heart. That should do the trick. Fucking POS!!!!

  • OldPoorRichard

    Capital murder. He should go to the chamber, else life in prison without parole.

  • ikihi

    ive never had a problem with cops in my life…maybe democrats just have problems with cops… in criminal lowlife cities…

  • Tumbleweed

    No details of the shooting will be released until all the cops can get their story straight and present a unified front as to their version of what happened! Case closed!