Family Says Police Drew Down On Autistic 6-Year-Old


A family in Jackson, Mississippi says local police drew their guns on their 6-year-old autistic son while serving a search warrant on their property.

Angela Roby says the incident happened while officers from the Ridgeland Police Department were executing a search warrant against her 23-year-old brother Friday.

“My son was telling the police officers to stop, to not do that, please don’t hurt his uncle,” Roby said. “That’s when the guns were drawn on him and my mother was telling them, ‘Hey please don’t point your gun at my grandbaby. Please don’t do that.’”

Police say they called for backup when Roby’s brother resisted arrest. He had a warrant for contempt of court after he failed to appear to answer drug paraphernalia charges from three years ago.

Roby says her family has contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the Attorney General’s office.

Police spokesperson, Lt. John Neal, said however that the family had not filed a formal complaint with the department.

“We’ve got policies and procedures for citizens to file complaints, and there are channels that are in place for citizens to lodge complaints with us to where they can be investigated,” Neal said. “If this family feels they’ve been wronged, our doors are open. We’d be happy to talk to them.”

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