Family Suing LAPD After Officer Recorded Punching, Kicking Woman Arrested for Petty Theft


A family is suing after video emerged showing a Los Angeles police officer kicking and punching a woman in the face after she was arrested for allegedly not paying for a beer and candy bar at 7-Eleven.

The incident occurred back in February at the LAPD’s Van Nuys division. The station’s surveillance cameras recorded LAPD Officer Alvin Clark first kicking and then punching 35-year-old Jessica Nunez twice in the face during a confrontation in a holding cell where the woman was detained for suspicion of petty theft.

Officer Clark justified his actions by saying that because the woman “aggressively” moved toward him, he was forced to kick and punch her.

In his report, Officer Clark said Nunez, who is described as Hispanic told him: “You f***ing negroes don’t know who are you are dealing with.” Clark says the woman began to spit, excessively throw her head violently from side to side, and bite at the air.

Watch the footage, from CBS 2:

Officials say both an internal and criminal probe was launched after the incident occurred. Both Officer Clark, and the other involved officer depicted on the surveillance footage have been suspended with pay until the investigation is complete.

Nunez was treated for wounds and charged with resisting arrest. Her family claims the woman has a “learning disability” and is now pursuing a lawsuit against the city for damages.

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