Felony Indictments For Three Officers Involved In ‘Ticket-Rigging’ Scandal


A Harris County grand jury in Houston, Texas indicted three former Houston police officers, Friday, for whats being called ‘ticket-rigging.’

Gregory Rosa, John Garcia, and Robert Manzanales all face a felony charge of tampering with government documents which is punishable by up to two years in prison.

The scandal was first revealed by local investigators who found the officers listing each other as witnesses on speeding tickets from one location, while the same officers were writing tickets somewhere else miles away.

Apparently these actions allowed the officers to appear in court more often and collect more overtime pay from hard working taxpayers.

Former Officer Manzanales has also been accused of lying on the witness stand during a speeding ticket trial, an aggravated perjury charged. The third-degree felony carries a punishment of up to ten years in prison.

As a result of the case, city prosecutors dismissed more than 6,000 tickets last year calling it “in the interest of justice.”

All three officers left the department earlier this month, choosing to either resign or take an early retirement.

“The grand jury thoroughly reviewed all the facts in this investigation that led to today’s indictments of three former HPD officers. I strongly agree with and respect the grand jury’s decision,” Chief Charles A. McClelland, Jr. said in a statement.

A fourth officer involved int he scandal, Rudolph Farias, committed suicide in August after learning he was under investigation.

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