Florida Police Kill Unarmed Man in Drug Bust After He “Moved the Wrong Way”


Two Florida detectives shot and killed an unarmed man in an undercover drug bust Tuesday.

Jerry Dwight Brown, 41, of Lakeland was gunned down outside Big Ben’s Used Tires in Zephyrhills after selling a “large” amount of prescription pills to a plain clothes officer, Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said at a press conference Wednesday.

“Detectives ordered Brown to show his hands but he moved in a way that made them fear for their lives,” Nocco remarked, refusing to go into any detail about how Brown moved. He did note however, though, that “any failure to comply with officers indicates a threat.”

When addressing the fact that Brown was unarmed, Nocco said the detectives “didn’t know” he didn’t have a weapon when they moved in for the arrest.

“The fact that Brown wasn’t armed isn’t a concern,” Sheriff Nocco said. “His criminal history included charges of armed robbery and grand theft. When they said ‘Show me your hands,’ the suspect should’ve showed us his hands. He didn’t.”

The number of times Brown was shot has not been released. Both detectives, who are on paid leave, have not been identified.

Paramedics were called, but Brown died on the scene. The State Attorney’s Office and the Departments Internal Affairs unit are investigating the incident.

Police State Daily attempted to contact Brown family relatives for comment via facebook but have been unsuccessful. A Pasco County Sheriff’s office spokesperson refused to comment on an “on-going investigation.” We are still trying to contact Sheriff Chris Nocco in an effort to get clarification on his comments.

  • FistofFaithfulFurry

    Unbelievable what this piece of garbage said about this…. you would think these people think they are god themselves….. This has GOT to stop…. SERIOSULY! WTH are we supposed to do about this???

  • TheMeaningofWrath

    >When addressing the fact that Brown was unarmed, Nocco said the
    detectives “didn’t know” he didn’t have a weapon when they moved in for
    the arrest.


    • SecularPatriot

      Not saying it validates the cop’s decision, but the rate of gun ownership in the country is very high.

    • Yes, they are trained to think everyone is armed and everyone is a threat. It is their training that is causing the problem. That and their expectation of being above the law.


    Some pigs in Albuquerque killed another unarmed man yesterday. Click here:


  • Canvasback

    So the guy was gunned down to protect us from self-medicating? That’s Obamacare on steroids! P.S. I’m for steroid testing for cops.

  • The problem is these pussy cops are TRAINED to be ALWAYS IN FEAR and that their first priority is their own safety. Everything is a threat to them according to their training. Anything can be a justification to kill according to their training. Under his reasoning that Sheriff should be shot because his complete lack of responsibility, coupled with his insistence upon going around armed, makes other people fear for their lives. However, he thinks he is special and should be treated differently.