Footage Shows California Officer Dislocate Mans Elbow


Footage has emerged showing a San Bernardino, California police officer dislocating a man’s elbow during an arrest last October.

The video, captured by an onlooking neighbor, shows 30-year-old Jesus Castaneda being taken into custody after leading police on a short car chase.

Castaneda is seen, face down, screaming in pain as officers wrench his arm behind his back in attempt to handcuff him. A loud cracking noise can be heard as the mans arm gives way and dislocates.

Once Castaneda is in custody, he is dragged to the patrol car.

He was later convicted of evading police, resisting arrest and grand theft auto. He is currently in jail.

Castaneda’s attorneys say the disturbing footage shows officers go too far.

The team says and are planning on filing a federal civil rights lawsuit in the coming weeks against the city of San Bernardino and the police department.

“When I first saw that video, it was very disturbing and shocking,” one of Castaneda’s defense attorneys, Michael Munoz, said.

“I don’t exonerate what he did. He committed a crime. But, it doesn’t give the police the right to use excessive force, to be punching him, dislocating his arm, kicking him and then dragging him across the floor.”

The San Bernardino Police Department says it is reviewing the incident.

Local news coverage containing raw footage: