Former Baltimore Police Sergeant Exposes Dept. In Twitter Shit Storm


A former Baltimore police sergeant unleashed an epic twitter frenzy Wednesday listing examples of abuses and corruption he witnessed during his 11 year career with the department.

Michael Wood has spoken out before, but Wednesday’s tirade garnered national media attention for its blunt and unapologetic admission that he witnessed Baltimore officers doing everything from “illegally searching thousands of people,” to “pissing and shitting on suspects beds during raids.”

Here are the tweets:

Wood worked as a detective in Baltimore’s violent crime division but later founded the Police Leadership Association, a group that publishes educational handbooks meant to serve as the “single resource for career development for law enforcement officers and supervisors.”

Baltimore police have confirmed that Wood left the department in 2014, but have made no comments on his allegations.

In later tweets, Wood promised to reveal more in the future.