Heights apartments in the 3000 block of Chamblee Tucker Road, DeKalb County, GA

Georgia Officer Kills Unarmed Naked Man


A Georgia police officer shot and killed a naked, unarmed man Monday afternoon, police say.

Police responded to the Heights apartments in the 3000 block of Chamblee Tucker Road in DeKalb County after a caller dialed 911 to report a suspicious man was running through the complex.

“The caller reported a male acting deranged, knocking on doors and crawling around on the ground naked,” DeKalb County Police Chief Dr. Cedric Alexander said Monday.

When officers arrived, they found a man completely naked in the parking lot, police say.

“The man, he was like drugged, but he was naked, and he was crawling,” one witness said. “I think the police officer thought he was going to attack, so he shot him.”

Police said no weapon was found at the scene, and the man was unarmed.

“When the male saw the officer, he charged, running at the officer,” Alexander said. “[Officer Robert Olsen] called to him to stop, while stepping backward. He then drew his weapon and fired two shots.”

Police say Olsen, a seven-year veteran, was equip with less lethal devices like pepper spray and a taser but did not deploy them.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has launched an investigation into the incident.

Olsen is expected to be placed on administrative leave, Alexander said.

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