Georgia School Resource Officer Posed as Girl on Facebook For Nude Photos of Young Boys


A Georgia school resource officer and track club director was arrested after being accused of posing as a teen girl on facebook in order to solicit nude photos of underage boys, as well as videotaping children in his home without consent.

Cameras, computers and thumb drives were recovered from Tri Cities High School resource officer, Keith Tucker’s home on Marcliff Court,  Fulton County police say.

According to investigators, the evidence shows that unknown individuals may have been recorded in “private places in [Tucker’s] home without their consent.”

It is not exactly clear yet if Tucker used his position as track director to lure children to his home but Fulton County Schools spokesperson Samantha Evans says she has no reason to believe any of the victims were students at Tri-Cities High School.

Police State Daily spoke with a local mother whose child participates in the track club. In order to keep the identity of the child anonymous, the parent wished not to be identified.

“It is simply appalling,” the mother said. “It just goes to show you that you never can be too careful about who you allow your children to be around.” The parent said neither she nor her child ever had any reason to believe that Tucker may have been taking advantage of his runners. “He always seemed like a really nice guy,” she said.

Officers say they are working with the Secret Service to open some of the files found at Tucker’s home. Some of them are said to be encoded with a high level of sophistication.

Tucker was arrested on eavesdropping charges June 20 and fired from the school Tuesday. Additional charges will likely be filed once the victims are identified, police say.

Anyone who has any information on victims’ identities have been asked to call the Fulton County Police Department at 404-613-6600.