Cedar Park Police throwing Christian Salinas to the ground

“Help! Why!?”: Dashcam Video Shows Texas Police Assaulting DWI Suspect


Dash cam video has surfaced showing Texas police officers assaulting a DWI suspect.

The footage shows a Cedar Park police officer driving up to 21-year-old Christian Salinas’ stalled car in the 900 block of Petaluma Drive, Thursday.

Police say Salinas admitted to wrecking the car on a curb after drinking nearby at a friend’s house.

The unidentified officer walks behind Salinas to search his pockets.

Video transcript:

Officer: “Put your hands on top of your head.”

Salinas: “What do you mean?”

Officer: “Put your hands on top of your head.”

Salinas: “Oh okay. Like that?”

Officer: “Yeah, and face away from me.”

After a few moments Salinas starts to question if he’s under arrest.

Officer: “Face away from me right now.”

Salinas: “I have a question sir, am I under arrest?”

Officer: “Not right now.”

Salinas: “Am I detained?”

Officer: “You are detained right now.”

Salinas: “Why am I being detained?”

Officer: “Look man, are you going to put your hands up there or not?”

Salinas: “No, wait, wait, wait.”

Officer: “Put your hands up, leave them up there. Quit.”

The officer then throws Salinas to the ground, landing on his face. He lies unresponsive for a moment.

As the officer pounces on him, he begins to moan for help as the officer calls for back-up.

Over the next several minutes more officers arrive. They can be seen punching and tasing Salinas multiple times as he screams “Help! Why!? Why are you doing this?”

Once Salinas is cuffed, he is taken to the ICU at Cedar Park Regional Medical Center for treatment. He sustained a smashed nose, bruises, contusions to his head, face, and body and Taser welts.

“Salinas interfered with the officer’s directions, was taken to the ground and became combative. While attempting to arrest Salinas, he then assaulted an assisting officer causing injury,” police said.

Police have charged Salinas with DWI, assault on a public servant, and interference with public duties. They say they attempted to serve Salinas with warrants for those charges Friday but he had already been released by the hospital.

Police say an internal review of the incident has been launched.

Local news coverage containing raw footage:

  • IHateFatChicks

    So, his face hitting the policeman’s hands is considered “assault”! Good to know. MOST LE is comprised of narcissistic sociopaths, pathological liars, violent psychopaths and troglodytes with double digit IQ’s.

  • Rogue cops cost us money

    The news station has their head up their ass his hands were clearly up in the air, them slammed to the gound.

  • Carroll Barber

    That excessive take down was unnessary. Then to ‘dog pile’ a guy is beyond the pale. I saw nothing to warrant such a beat-down. Then you wonder why cops are dropping like flies. Keep this stupidity up and you may become an endangered species….. 🙂