The Naugler family

KY Cops Take 10 Kids From ‘Free-Range’ Family, Brutalize Pregnant Mother

A family says Breckinridge County Kentucky Sheriff Todd Pate entered their home without a warrant or probable cause with other officers and took their 10 children.

Nicole Naugler was pulled over by a Breckinridge County deputy before officers took her two oldest boys with no documentation to support their actions, an audio recording of the incident shows.

Nicole, 5 months pregnant, was slammed into the hood of a cop car, and was taken into custody for disorderly conduct after pleading with the Sheriff to not take her boys, and resisting arrest.

When Nicole’s husband Joe arrived, Sheriff Pate, with his hand on his sidearm, ordered him back his the car and ordered him to turn over the remaining eight children by 10:00 am, a website dedicated to raising support for the family, states.

Joe was threatened with felony charges if he didn’t comply, the website says. It appears the incident unfolded as a result of an unfounded anonymous complaint filed with Child Protective Services.

Audio recorded from the event details a heartbreaking scene as a mother cries for her children and police refuse to offer explanations before physical brutalizing her.

The following is a blog post from an advocate website, launched on behalf of the family,

Joe and Nicole Naugler live on a homestead in rural Kentucky. They live a very simple life. They garden and raise animals. They are industrious people trying to teach their children how to live right.

They have ten children who are homeschooled on the homestead. They contribute to the success of the family crops and livestock, all while learning about the amazing beauty of life.

On May 6th, 2015, Breckinridge Co. Sheriff’s officers came to their home, acting on an anonymous tip, and entered their property and home without a warrant and without probable cause. Nicole was at home with the two oldest children, while Joe was away with the others. When the officers left the home, they attempted to block the access road to the family property. Nicole and the two boys got in their car to leave the family property. The got only a short way down the road before the officers pulled Nicole over.

During this stop, sheriffs deputies took their two oldest boys from Nicole’s custody, providing her no justification or documentation to support their action. Nicole was able to contact Joe briefly by telephone, but only for a short period of time, because she needed to use her phone to record the events.

Joe was able to arrange transportation to meet his wife where the stop had taken place. At that point, Nicole had been taken into custody for disorderly conduct (for not passively allowing the Sheriff to take her boys) and resisting arrest. Joe attempted to get out of the car to speak with the officers and his wife, and to recover the vehicle Nicole had been driving. The Sheriff, with his hand on his sidearm, ordered Joe back into the car. Joe complied with that request. The sheriff informed Joe that he had every intention of making this as difficult as possible for them and that their car would be impounded, despite the fact that Joe was there on­site to recover it.

A friend, who had driven Joe to the location, got out of the car to speak with the Sheriff. She was able to convince the Sheriff to let Joe recover the vehicle. Joe also recovered Nicole’s cell phone, which had been recording audio the entire time.

The Sheriff ordered Joe to turn the remaining eight children over to Breckinridge County Sheriff’s deputies by 10:00 a.m., and threatened him with felony charges if he does not comply.

At this time (roughly 5:00 CDT), Nicole is being held in custody in Hardinsburg, KY by the Breckinridge Co. Sheriff. The whereabouts of their two oldest sons is unknown to the family. Nicole faces a magistrate at 8:00 a.m. to set bail and an arraignment will take place shortly thereafter.

All of this has happened because of an anonymous complaint filed with CPS. In the state of KY, an anonymous complaint cannot be considered probable cause to pursue this course of action. It cannot be confirmed that this is the complainant, but earlier this week an acquaintance of the Naugler family threatened to file a CPS complaint against them, all because Joe “unfriended” this acquaintance on Facebook.

We ask for your support for the Naugler family at this time. Through no fault of their own, they will now be faced with significant legal expenses. Any support is greatly accepted. Whether you can or cannot contribute to their legal defense fund, please consider them in your prayers, meditations, positive energies, and any other support you can provide. Share their story! reports Nicole has been released from custody but the 10 children remain.

“I am a free range human. Not meant to be caged,” the woman said. “But I will stand up for my rights. Overwhelmed by love and support.”

Listen to unsettling audio of the incident: HERE

Contribute to the families legal defense: HERE

  • Branden Espinoza

    The family has asked that we use the hashtags #kentucky10 and #saveourfamily when raising awareness on social media.

  • I__AM__GOD

    Sovereign citizens!! On zee lischt!!!

  • Rural America is very… interesting.

    • Jo Peter

      Yeah it’s been one of the last bastions of true freedom in this increasingly repressive totalitarian globalist sh-thole… But alas even here they cannot escape the boot on their face (and this is very much on purpose by the powers that be… They want nowhere left for us to run from what they’ve got planned for us.)

      • Civilization is what we have planned for you.

        • Jo Peter

          ‘Civilization’ at the barrel of an enforcer’s gun so your labor can be siphoned off to enrich those who tighten the noose around your neck? I’ll pass thanks.

          Even the Amish are far more civilized than your beloved system of oligarchic corporatist slavery that’s washed over most of the ‘modern’ world.

          • Those who tighten the noose were elected by the GOP base, rurals.
            Oligarchic corporatist slavery couldn’t have happened without the support of misinformed America; rurals.
            And rurals also have to follow US rules, you do know that, right? Rural America is not a Mad Max movie.

          • Jo Peter

            The liberals are just as bad. It’s two sides of the same coin. The choice is communism directly (via the Democrats,) or communism via fascism (via the Republicans.) If these are our only two choices we are f-cked either way.

            The GOP might entrench the moneyed interests to the detriment of everyone, but for the most part they leave honest law abiding Americans alone. For that reason it is frequently in the interests of rural law abiding white Americans to vote Republican, as the (for them) lesser of two evils.

            If we were smart people on both sides would be spending their time deciding whether to vote Green or Libertarian party.

          • “The liberals are just as bad.” Literally a child’s answer. And the Conservative fear of Communism is hilarious. Specially in 2015, when communism is 100% dead.

            “but for the most part they leave honest law abiding Americans alone” Yes, if you’re white, male and Christian. There rest of us don’t enjoy that wonderful niceness.

          • Jo Peter

            Communism is dead? Are you f-ing high? Go read, we are well past half way in our piecemeal uptake of communism.

            White, male, Christian: you mean the people who built the country and who still account for the lions share of its economic productivity.

          • Give me a link to read. A single RESPECTABLE article.

            “White, male, Christian: you mean the people who built the country ” So you deserve more freedom? I don’t get why you said that as a defense.

            “and who still account for the lions share of its economic productivity” BECAUSE THE SYSTEM FAVORS YOU lol

            “oh and stop committing so much violent crime” So all browns are criminals? Most US crime is committed by whites, you DO NOT have the upper moral standing to call other races criminal.

          • Jo Peter

            White, male, Christian, deserve to vote in a way that protects their freedom, and have no need to be apologetic for it (since YES, we do deserve more freedom, or more accurately, we deserve our freedom more, since our forefathers fought and died for it. It, and our country, is our inheritance.)

            Yeah, how about the FBI crime statistics for 2010 broken down by race, for a start. Most U.S. crime is committed by whites, which is to be expected since we make up the vast majority of the population. However, about half of violent crime is committed by brown people, who make up much less than half of the population (which makes your average brown person far more likely to be a violent criminal than your average white person.) Again, look at the FBI’s own statistics: Is that respectable enough for you?

          • Mike

            You literally jut sat there and justified white criminals and condemned others on the bases of skin color how mnay they number amongst the population..UN FREAKING BELIEVABLE

          • J Peters

            Did I? I didn’t justify anybody being criminal, nor condemn anybody. As with anything done at the population level all of my statements were based on aggregates and averages. It says nothing about any specific individual (other than some probabilistic interferences someone could make.) I think you need to work on your reading comprehension.

            My statement is that a particular individual in the U.S. is more likely to be a violent criminal if they are a brown skinned person, which, sadly, is true.

          • bunnychi75

            Yeah, this guy sounds like a closet skin-head! I’ve never seen such obvious “White power” tripe in my life:

            “White, male, Christian, deserve to vote in a way that protects their freedom, and have no need to be apologetic for it (since YES, we do deserve more freedom, or more accurately, we deserve our freedom more, since our forefathers fought and died for it. It, and our country, and whatever privilege that may entail, is our inheritance.)”

            I bet this guy is in a Milita, or some place where there are mostly skinheads congregating, like in rural MT or the UP in MI or something! Scary!

          • xxNBTROUBLExx .

            every1 deserves to be free. not one more than the other. thats racial division. theres no difference AT ALL between brown and white people AT ALL. we are ALL of us, every single one Gods children. the stories of our “fore fathers” and written history is DEAD wrong and re written every time theres a new “winner”. theres MUCH that has been hidden from us and therefore effected our minds and the way we see things. its too bad that we all cant see the forest thru the trees here. every one of us is in the same exact boat. it only serves the gov SCHILLS when we divide along racial lines. or any lines for that matter.

          • Jo Peter

            Sure everybody deserves to be free, but our ancestors fought for and won it, and left us a free, predominantly white, country, as part of our inheritance. I’m fine with brown people coming along for the ride, but only when they stop fighting the white male’s leadership role in bringing us our beloved freedoms.

          • ErnestineBass

            Your forefathers were racist, genocidal thieves, and every last one of them should have been slaughtered by the native inhabitants of this continent.

          • Jo Peter

            So was everyone back then, including your ‘native inhabitants’ (who too were Eurasian immigrants) slaughtering one another before the latest wave or European immigration. I guess they should’ve all been slaughtered too right? Or does your morality only apply to the people who were good at it?

            Those ‘native inhabitants’ holding down children and cutting out their still beating hearts to appease their gods just makes them fine upstanding people right? I would call them (and my forefathers called them at the time) ‘savages’, and they were by many measures. That doesn’t mean we couldn’t learn from them, but it was a dog eat dog kind of world back then.

            P.S. Is it really theft if the people have no concept of land ownership? I don’t see how you can technically steal from a people that don’t even make any claim to own the land they inhabit.

          • Dobraya Utka

            RESPECTABLE article = system-approved article, just for your reading pleasure


          • Yes, everything you don’t agree with is from the evil Zionist Marxist system, everything you like is good, informed and perpetually under attack.

          • Flee Babylon

            You are a die hard. It’s funny and sad to read your responses. You are deep into your own paradigm and will tow the line until it burns like so many others before your eyes. Enjoy the sensation while it lasts.

          • xxNBTROUBLExx .

            well said man. ive also noticed his overwhelming ignorance of the state of the world. simply put, clearly he hates whites, Christians, people who disagree with him, people that can think intelligently, freedom, living rural and independent…..i could go on but im bored of calling him out. its CLEAR hes in a google built CIA computer lobby to start “fires” in the comments rooms.

          • Jo Peter

            Pretty much just the central banks, and their offshoots, but unfortunately they are so out of control it might as well be ‘everything’. If you don’t believe me go look up who owns these western economies (hint: it’s not us.)

          • usmcmailman

            Boy are you ignorant !

          • Mark Are

            I have the moral standing to call you criminal. Your brain is fried.

          • xxNBTROUBLExx .

            am i the only one in the room who can smell a schill? Jaime, ur quite uninformed and saying things that just light fires. ur saying things that are meant to en-flame peoples thots. saying things like “communism is dead” and calling people out with “white” “Christian” “male”. etc….. ALLLLLL of which are a political bon fire being used to divide. then u state your jealousy of a “rural” life style. WHY? cuz you cant afford it urself? or perhaps ur not capable of living with out starbucks and a grocery store? ur saying NOTHING but incendiary things to people here. i hope they see you for what you are. A SCHILL and here only to divide. your head is buried deep……….. communism is dead……lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
            rolling on the floor lmaooooooooooooooooooooo still lmaooooooooooooooooooooo breath lmaooooooooooooooooo

          • Mary Brown

            blacks commit crime at a rate 7-10 TIMES that of whites per capita. Hispanic about 3-5 times that of whites PER CAPITA.

            Go learn statistics, you cannot compare 60% of the population to 15% directly. Equal sample sizes are needed. To do otherwise is a LIE and that makes you a filthy LIAR

          • Jordan Manicom

            lol this guy thinks communism is dead. and he is calling you guys uninformed americans. wow just wow

          • Your entire country fears and hates Communism. The most powerful country on Earth. Only 2 countries remain under any form of socialist/communist regime. If widening healthcare and giving out foodstamps is your idea of Communism, you need to read some Wikis

          • Jordan Manicom

            what two countries would these be? my guess is you have no clue what you are talking about or you would have name both countries in your original post but you didn’t. talk out your ass much?

          • Lamar L Ramal

            You really need some meds. Your prolific commenting speaks volumes about you.

          • Shawn Chapman

            I would be interested to know what definition for “socialist/communist regime” you are using to determine that there are only TWO such countries in the world? I thank you in advance for your reply.

          • xxNBTROUBLExx .

            widening healthcare and foodstamps are a form of redistribution. if you earn a paycheck, maybe you should live up to your stated values and give half of it away. how about starting with the people whom u have insulted in this room with your rudeness. show us that your way is the right way to be and think. IF ANY1 IN THIS ROOM WOULD LIKE A CHUNK OF JAIMES PAYCHECK, (assuming he works) PLEASE LEAVE YOUR INFO IN THE COMMENTS SECTION IN THIS ROOM. PLEASE SHOW US THE GENEROSITY THAT YOU SO ADAMANTLY ESPOUSE AS “THE WAY TO BE”. if you can do this then you will have proved us all wrong. PAY UP!!!!!

          • HARLEYHOOCH

            Go back into the hole you crawled out of. Communism is dead ??? You do not even know what you are talking about. Leave before you really make a fool of yourself.

          • usmcmailman

            You’re full of crap Jaime boy !

          • Mark Are

            You are a practicing communist and don’t even realize it. None are more hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free.

          • Mary Brown

            Wahhhh so I am white. I was not raised in a privilieged family. I grew up working from a young age. I was not GIVEN anything. And I am still self reliant and take nothing I have not earned.

            You want handouts, tough crap, get a job. If you are here illegally super tough crap get out of MY COUNTRY.

          • Dobraya Utka

            Notice who was elected and re-elected by the dem base, and we still have the same things going on today. Virtually all federally-funded.


          • Obama was elected by the Dem base? 51% of the US is the Dem base? Uhm, ok

          • xxNBTROUBLExx .

            oh and voting machines havent been CAUGHT being rigged. um ok. did you know that ALLLLLLL of the worlds leaders are of THE SAME BLOODLINES??? im SURE we voted them all in uh huh. surprised you didnt know as this was proven years ago by a 12 YEAR OLD GIRL. lmaooooooooooooo but we elected them uh huh, keep talkin, show the room how much you dont know.

          • salome

            rurals ???? wtf rurals ?
            CPS has been empowered via ILLEGAL laws -case closed.

            there are no MISINFORMED regarding CPS, juvie and probate system for guardianships==ONLY UNINFORMED.

            and as for communism being DEAD ?…another WTF moment.

          • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

            Brought to you by a ‘WTF Moron’….

          • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

            No, slick, I DON’T believe “rurals” elected Obama and Co. Are you a MORON, or just a shill???

          • xxNBTROUBLExx .

            hes a schill….. seeeeeeeee im not the only one who sees it lmaoooooooo reading his comments is like reading the comics section in a bad news paper. i barely have the words to reply. have to take it down a few notches to simplify it for him.

          • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

            sooo bad he’s GOOD!

          • Henry Bellows

            What exactly did they do wrong cockroach?

            May God do to you what you wish upon the rest of us.

            But not for revenge…. just so you’ll finally understand what a worthless piece of trash you truly are.

          • xxNBTROUBLExx .

            hes a schill. ignore him.

          • Jknthbx

            You are one sad, lost latino. Read a book…start with The Creature from Jekyll Island. You have a long way to go.

          • Mark Are

            LIck those boots Jaime. People like you with your slave state mentality make free people like me want to puke in your lap. You are disgusting.

          • MPTheGreek

            Right the Conservative obama who has been militarizin small police departments had nothing to do with it. Obama expanding domestic spying programs and telling local agencies is good too. Gun control has worked great in Chicago and look at the liberal eutopoias of Baltimore and detroit. once you realize you have been played by both sides you can learn something of what is really going on. Has obama closed GITMO yet or ended indefinite detention? How is he different than bush again?

          • Mary Brown

            There is no law against homeschooling, there is no law against growing your own food, there is no law against living simply and without all the crap liberals think is required for living. They violated no laws and CPS does not have constitutional authority to do anything without a judges order!

            Take your liberal consumer lifestyle and stuff it!

        • xxNBTROUBLExx .

          whos we? u speak french?

        • Arizona

          NO Jaime,SLAVERY is what your hero’s have planned for not only you,BUT everyone,including your own children,and THEY will succeed,THE CHINESE will inherit this world,and it will be given to them by BLIND PEOPLE just like you….GET CLOSE TO THE LORD Jaime,a lot of people will be leaving this world soon,and you might be one of them…NOWS the time to choose who your leaving with…….SATANS MINIONS OR GOD,AND HIS ANGELS……..

          • Jo Peter

            If there’s one group of people who are adapted to the cold bleak nuclear winter like conditions we can look forward to it’s the Northern people of the world. Some of the Chinese are included, but they will die in massive numbers.

            Ever wonder why the Chinese aren’t entangled in our central banker death grip? It’s because our favorite semitic tribal friends can’t ‘pass’ for Chinese. It’s just too bad that tribe doesn’t seem to realize they won’t survive without a host, and that symbiosis has better long term survival prospects than parasitism.

        • Mary Brown

          What you call “civilization” I call HELL! I garden and hunt, barter with a local farmer for beef, I buy very little. And I enjoy my quiet rural life without living in a hellhole filthy city.

      • JCW

        IMHO it is a waste of time to even try to converse with malfunctioning carbon units like JG. If I had any doubts from the absurd content of his posts all I had to do is look at the top of his tumblr account.

        Understand that reasonable people think that with a little reason they can pull back a structure that has come apart at the joints (like our society). I wonder how long it is going to take before everyone realizes they are not dealing with reasonable people here. Perhaps only when they are run over? Will that prompt everyone to finally take an un-moveable stand?

        “The villain and the saint have little or nothing to do with ethical programs” — Dietrich Bonhoeffer

        Cheers and God Bless!

        • xxNBTROUBLExx .

          lmaooooooooooooooooooo WELL SAID omg i WISH i would have thot of that. ive wasted quite a bit of time in here calling out “JG” and i could have just summed it up quick like you lmaoooooooooooo malfunctioning carbon unit lmaooooooooooooooooo i can barely breath im laughin so hard lmaoooooo permission to use that in another sentence in the future? lmaoooooooooooooooooo nice!!! made my day man

          • JCW

            I did the same thing when I first heard the term. Please use it as necessary! (and unfortunately these days it is often necessary). Cheers!

      • laura m.

        Shocking report which proves you really can’t trust your neighbors to report false info. other stories online have been reported accross the country like parent refusing vaccines, etc. I’ve been a 35 yr student of world gov and know America has been crapped out for years and now spiraling downhill fast/. I encouraged some friends yrs ago, not to breed and some heeded, I never raised kids knowing they would have a zero future (to incl. women working full time, the expense of even one kid) Off topic: Even the rich elite folks don’t breed like that. I wish the family justice. That vicious person who lied about them needs to be sued/arrested for lying to police. Folks: don’t even reveal personal info/family stuff in your church, civic groups, etc- you never know who you can trust in these trying times.

        • Arizona

          WELL you certainly wasted a lot of years studing,LIKE most americans,your lips have been glued to the police gangs ass too,THE ONLY one who called the welfare office was the SLAVE TRADERS IN SAUDIA ARBIA,wanting the WELFARE sent them more children,EVER HEARD OF DNYACORE,its an international child slave trafficing company,THEY RUN ALL THE WELFARE OFFICES AND FAMILY COURTS in america,and ALL those missing children,were sold by them to the saudias,FOR SEX SLAVES and satanic sacrifices….WAKEUP AMERICA,YOU’VE BEEN WORSHIPPING EXTREME EVIL….OH,and YOUR BELOVED police gangs are standing in the kidnaped children money shower too….THEIR ALL IN ON IT………………

        • Jo Peter

          Good advice, but as far as non-breeding: dysgenic trends are one of the biggest problems facing the world today. Someone will inherit the earth: shouldn’t some of them be those capable of fixing things and who are brave enough to fight?

    • James Miller

      You offensive vile pile of shit. You speak of things you have zero experience with. Someone in this world needs to do us all a favor and stop you from breathing.

    • Gavin

      Jaime’s a backward bigot.

  • fredb

    People who want to live this wonderful lifestyle with their children should realize that the USA is no longer a place that will allow this to happen.
    It is not going to get any easier and as hard as it may be to do I think it’s time for these families to get the hell out. Too bad they can’t find enough monetary support to buy little island somewhere where they can start their own community. Or find a state that will guarantee them the right to raise their children the way they want and move there in mass. Strength in numbers.

  • Kinu Grove

    Another sad case missed used authority. They need to get the facts right before going after innocent people like this.

  • lisa

    These people have had CPS called on them numerous times in the past. Their kids aren’t even registered to be homeschooled, have no birth certificates, and no social security numbers. They have never received any adequate medical care. Their kids are living in an unsafe shack. This has little to do with homeschooling and appears to be a huge scam.

    • Steep Arty

      I suppose this is why about EVERY OTHER homeschooled family is currently free to home school and not under arrest.
      It seems all about riling up the paranoid aluminum foil crowd into thinking gubment wants to stop your freedoms. Neglect is serious.

      • Mark Are

        and WHO decides what is neglect? YOU? Some glorified welfare recipient who has a vested interest in kidnapping children to get federal “assistance’? PUKE!

    • Anonymous

      These people are the worst kind imaginable. Know them well…I
      just sit and laugh at how they have scammed ALL of you! They are the biggest
      con-artists out there. They do nothing but prey off of good people, many who
      have just helped donate to their scam. They are NOT “un-schoolers,
      home-schooler’s or homesteaders! They actually give home-schooling families and
      people who live off the grid a horrible name. They’re kids are treated like
      slaves and it is sick! They claim to be Christian, yet have been kicked out of
      numerous churches because they break the law, lie, cheat, manipulate, and steal
      anyway they can. You don’t have to believe me, but it is the truth! They have
      stolen thousands of dollars from churches in the area. Joe bullies local
      Bishops, preachers, and any and all clergy-by stating he will use force on them
      if money isn’t donated to him to pay his bills. He has also threatened good
      christian people and their children! YES! Their children…This is the kind of
      sick individual you all are donating money too.
      He has been arrested numerous times and has been reported to CPS
      numerous times by hard-working concerned citizens, not a meth using facebook
      user as they would like you to believe. The children appear brain-washed and
      abused and have absolutely no social skills what so ever. You can contradict me
      all you wish, but we have experienced this family first-hand. I also know
      people who have been in the home and what you would experience upon entering is
      sickening! It was stated that there was
      human feces everywhere! The children looked as if they hadn’t been bathed in
      months with feces all over them. No water or beds for them to sleep in. She
      will post a picture on fb of a bed and spin it a thousand different ways to
      make you think the children have beds. She grooms dogs because he will not
      work! When you have ten kids…you work to support your family! I don’t care what
      or where you live…a condo or in the wilderness! They manipulate social media to
      their advantage and I listened to that audio and that Sheriff was doing his
      JOB!!! She resisted arrest and put on a big show for everyone! THEY DO IT ALL
      THE TIME. They go into a grocery store and steal and pretend to fall, just so
      they can get money from the owners. They
      are hypocrites who judge everyone else in society who doesn’t live the way they
      do. They also posted something once that all the men and women who fight for
      this country, deserve to die…these are two sick and twisted individuals. This
      time they went too far. The best thing that could ever happen is their children
      are taken away. It is my sincere hope they are not returned. I pray for that
      Sheriffs Dept, that they will be able to prosecute them to the fullest extent
      of the law. This is the truth and I could care less who replies and donates to
      them. They will squander all your money away and be back in the very same
      position months from now.

      • ssgtnelson

        And I saw Bigfoot piloting a UFO… make believe is fun, huh?

      • IKapono

        Anonymous troll

      • Mark Are

        And you are anonymous WHY? To protect yourself from them? Or maybe because your lies will end you up in court with a libel law suit.

      • xxNBTROUBLExx .

        ok even if what you said is all true, do u think for one second that the kids are better off being warehoused in govmnt facilities?

    • Dobraya Utka

      The system and fans of the system call the CPS.

    • ssgtnelson

      So what? None of those things are required. The Amish don’t go through that, why should they? Those are documents that are required if you want to deal business, for lack of a better term, with the government and businesses. If I want to live my whole life in the back country, eating berries and twigs, I don’t need any of those documents.

      • Jknthbx

        Amish have beautiful homes. I think the concern here is the lack of adequate housing, septic, and potable water.

        • Mark Are

          And you know this HOW?

    • DeekS

      oh no, so in other words a family decided to opt out of an association and a coercive system they wish not to be a part of? BLASPHEMY! No birth certificates? OMG! No SSN? OH WOW! – they dont want to be slaves,,,, QUICK! CALL CPS ON THEM!

      • IKapono

        They can always borrow some SSN’s from Barry O.

    • IKapono

      How does the scam work? Raise apparently healthy kids, don’t register them , don’t sign up for government housing or healthcare. So this is how they scam the system?

    • Jknthbx

      do you have the photos? Something does not seem right about this living situation, but this article is vague.

    • Mark Are

      WOW! What CRIMINALS! NO BIRTH CERTIFICATES! NO SERIAL NUMBERS AKA SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS! NOT REGISTERED TO HOMESCHOOL! WOW! PEOPLE THAT THINK THAT THE STATE SHOULD KEEP THEIR PSYCHOPATHIC NOSES OUT OF THEIR BUSINESS! We should kidnap their children, and burn their shack down and shoot their mothers and fathers all in the name of FREEDOM! Whoever you are, please, if I ever meet you, cover yourself up because I will PUKE IN YOUR FACE you disgusting slave boot licking piece of human excrement. The founding fathers died for the likes of YOU? Gag me with a place setting.

    • Drew

      Lisa–Parents, not the government, and not parents of other kids should be able to raise their own kids how they see fit. Not everyone in society fits into a nice little box with a pretty bow on it as you would like it. I trust a backwoods outhouse shack residing parent who’s children play with axes more than I trust Kentucky CPS and affiliates to do parenting. Ugh! Your reasoning makes me upset.

  • Steep Arty

    Did they break any laws?
    They must have.
    Otherwise there’d be protests across that
    whole town and/or state.
    Something doesn’t add up.

    • lisa

      Please read the document I’ve attached posted by Nicole in a group on facebook. The kids are living in an unsafe environment. Their shack doesn’t even have a wall and made with sticks and tarps with wooden beds. This is not off grid living.

      • Steep Arty

        What do the conclusion-jumpers in here have to say about this?

        • ssgtnelson

          Wow, it must be really hard to print out something that you printed on your computer. Man, I can’t imagine how this can be anything other than truthful. On another note, is it illegal to live in a tent? There are areas in the Applachian mountains where the people don’t have the money to tap into electricity or the water/sewer line… is that illegal? If I buy a cabin in the mountains and I don’t have water/sewere will I be arrested? Of course not.. because that ISN’T AGAINST THE LAW! Just fifty years ago people were still living long happy lives in this country in tents, cabins, and shacks. You may not like that lifestyle, but stay out of the lives of others.

          • Steep Arty

            I never suggested these people DIDNT have those rights. That’s YOU making assumptions based on your tin foil blinders.
            All I did was ask was
            what they possibly could have done illegal so as to be arrested.
            And again, remember that every other free range home schooling family is currently free doing so.
            So ask yourself, what did THESE people do? Or perhaps you can wait for the evidence, rather than jump to the extreme conclusion that they were arrested JUST for homeschooling (which is legal).

          • ssgtnelson

            I wonder how many people in the 1930s used that same exact knowledge. “Well, the Nazis have only taken a few of my Jewish neighbors. Most are free, so I’m sure what they were doing was illegal. I’m sure they deserved to be arrested.” But I guess since no warrant was produced or can be found you’ll still believe there is some evidence, right?

          • Steep Arty

            Not necessarily. I simply asked.

      • IKapono

        Oh my god! They have a pond without a fence around it!

      • Mark Are

        PROVE what is in this document. I don’t trust or believe anything that some glorified welfare recipient states. They lie, cheat and steal to cover the fact that they are psychopathic criminals with power.

  • lisa

    Here’s a photo attached of their shack. Its the living conditions NOT homeschooling why CPS took the kids.

    • stevepidge

      Poverty is not a crime fool. The vast majority of the world live in poverty. Shove your nanny state up your ass, I don’t need your welfare.

    • Dobraya Utka

      They should be SMASHED and their children turned over to whichever pedophiles will pay the most to “foster” them.

    • ssgtnelson

      I’m not seeing a problem… what’s wrong? They chose to live outdoors, is that illegal? People chose to live simply all the time in the back country. The Amish don’t have electricity or modern heating… should we arrest them as well?

      • bunnychi75

        The difference is that the Amish actually BUILD study, solid homes, NOT UNLIKE that ‘tent’ in the picture lisa posted! They can make quilts, blankets, etc. to be warm in the winter. I can’t help but wonder how they fared this past winter, for KY got slammed with snow this year! I can’t imagine the fact that those kids were out there sleeping around a fire! That’s sheer madness on the parents!

        • ssgtnelson

          Ah, so you rely on assumptions on what may or may not have happened, possibly, but you aren’t sure, of what may have happened? Brilliant logic.

    • Jordan Manicom

      Those kids look so neglected with those big smiles. yeah right.

      • Mark Are

        The dad has a gun pointed at their heads as they smile under duress.

    • Mark Are

      And how do we “KNOW” this is their shack? And since when does it become a CRIME to live in poverty conditions? I’d say that most of the people in the world live in worse conditions than this. And there is no PROOF that this is the place they live and if it is…IT IS THEIR RIGHT TO DO SO without the stinking state saying otherwise. Can I tell them they can’t live like this? NO? Then a collective of us cannot tell them that they cannot live like this EITHER. Get a life you state worshipping moron.

  • maranon

    People need to know the truth from others who know the nauglers

    • Anonymous

      Thank you…cause we know them too. I must remain anonymous cause he has threatened my family before and I just hope these people get what they deserve. Thank you cause looks like they have the wool pulled over everyones eyes and its sick. Just makes me ill.

      • Dobraya Utka

        If you came onto his propeerty and threatened him and he asked his son or daughter to hand him his weapon, that is not a threat. That is a reasonable, common sense defensive move.

        Were you made dead or injured by that?

      • ssgtnelson

        Whether or not any of that is true (I’m guessing you’re an internet troll, but whatever) that doesn’t give the police the right, without a warrant, to kidnap these children. And funny, if you go their website, you can see pictures of their kids and none of them seem unhealthy, skinny, or sickly.

      • DeekS

        lol must be the CPS caller…

    • Jordan Manicom

      Because this is from somebody who says they know somebody who knows them so it must be true

    • Mark Are

      SO WHAT!

  • Dobraya Utka

    “Brutalize Pregnant Mother”

    Well, that is what cops do.

  • Timewarped

    This is why people need weapons equal to or greater than law enforcement which has become lawless and insanely tyrannical … Waco looks more and more like the wake up call people failed to hear

  • ssgtnelson

    Alright everyone; call/email this Sheriff and let them know what you think. If they see the outrage from across the country, they will re-think tresspassing and abduction without a warrant!

    • Jordan Manicom

      i doubt that, they would just be excited about the extra publicity they are getting

  • don paul

    These are sad days when honest hardworking people get oppressed by those who are to serve and protect
    Don Paul

  • don paul

    Sad day. Honest hardworking people slammed to the ground as slime. Our finest to serve and protect are few and far to be seen. This cannot end well for clean living people.
    Don Paul

  • Alleged Comment

    Everybody is being fooled by lieberalism and we are seeing the affects on society. From the cops stooges to the three stooges of the Supreme Court, The phony President sodomite and Cornygress.

    If you can do it and know how it is best to HOME SCHOOL your children the old way. Start school with the Bible.

  • BillyKitten

    I tell Christians all the time they should not be on FBook. Why help the devil?! I don’t understand how the so called “officers” got away from the scene alive and with all the children? Did I miss something?

  • Lamar L Ramal

    Went and donated 20.00 bucks and started reading the comments and there is a lot more to this the above article. I was scammed! Should have read before I donated.

    • DeekS

      Dude those comments are probably made the CPS callers themselves, police trolls, or busy bodies… i wouldnt feel a bit bad about it. Bottom line their children were kidnapped….

  • this one guy

    It just like
    War of the Worlds
    HG Wells
    I am gonna call and verify myself!!
    Ever vigilant

  • Lindsay Zipprich

    Nice living in a Police state and it has only begun.

  • barbarakelly

    These dirt bags need to feel what she just went through. If they treated her toughly and she loses that baby that is murder and someone better go to jail . Just because they are homeschooled you treat them like garbage and then scare the hell out of the kids. TELL ME YOU BUGGERS WHO’S THE CRIMINALS NOW .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • usmcmailman

    HUGE Law suit !

  • Don_in_Odessa

    There are too many free thinking humans in this comment section. What the “law” needs are more policeman and tanks and stun guns and tear gass launchers and…

    Need more public flogging as examples. Need to beat a few more pregnant women and children and oh … throw in a few elderly with some bruising about their head and neck that will teach all you freedom loving yahoos.

    Seriously.. this whole story can’t be true. The family ain’t black.

  • RogerP77

    The war on the family. They want ALL of our kids as they often state in their own documents. The plan is to have the state raise the children, to make children the PROPERTY of the State. Don’t believe me? Look at what they are doing in Scotland where they have “guardians” for ALL children. People whose job it is to find a “legal” reason to steal your children. This is planned world wide. Steal the children on the flimsiest of excuses so they can be brainwashed into being good slaves of the State.

  • Victor Pc

    Breckinridge County is hereby dissolved for Dishonour, crimes against humanity, namely genocide against the child tenfold, genocide against each parent, ten fold each and genocide, crimes against the unborn child and mother of attempted murder – under the Uniform Commercial Code, this is a Commercial Lien in the sum of the total assets to be distributed to the humans affected in the past or present time – settlement in 30 days – including all badges to be surrendered if the staff refuse to issue a Notarised Affidavit to henceforth act with Honour at all times – Return of the children to the loving parents within 48 hours, compensation to the family in the sum of $1 million per person

  • Flee Babylon

    Facebook “friends” prove once again they aren’t what they claim to be.

  • largejack

    The Archontic forces that control this world hate anything good and wholesome in their cruel inverted reality.

    Our future will soon resemble something between Hunger Games and Equilibrium.

  • Arizona

    NOW remember all you government butt kissers ,YOU TO CAN GO TO HELL at some future date TOO, just like every police gang member in america WILL,and all you have to do is give them your dieing support,and it won’t matter if you claim to be a christian or not,GOD TOLD, all his prophets to warn,IF you harm or cause my little ones to stumble,YOU HAVE SET YOUR FUTURE IN STONE by your own hand….ISN’T that good news,by supporting these TERRORISTS,you can earn a free ticket to HELL…SO keep your lips GLUED to their butt and your future is guaranteed….and SILENCE is the same in GODS eyes as being in on it,so don’t say anything,and YES YOU TOO,CAN JOIN YOUR POLICE GANG FRIENDS IN HELL…well only for a thousand years anyhow….and THEN its off to the LAKE OF FIRE…so stay in DENIAL,you’ve earned your trip,so don’t miss it…………….

  • propel7

    These Nazis Cops are going to live about as long as their Lawless leaders that gave them their ideas, will. Their final hour has begun and they are ignorant of it. Ropes and gallows will meet them soon. God does not bleed. Too bad they have come to see themselves as God. Too bad for them they have deceived themselves. Begin with the Globalist Banker satanists behind all this lawlessness and subversion. Snap their necks first. Then peace will begin.

  • MPTheGreek

    Wait these are white people cops are never mean to white people. Haven’t you watched the news? This is obviously false. Now if blacks were saying this then I would believe it.

  • SunnyFlaSnotress

    This must be part of rural living that all these survivalist sites rave about.

  • william friend III

    this sheriff (Todd Pate) does NOT care about children here’s the prof-
    “Police officers accused in situation involving 15-year-old girl”

  • anontruthseeker

    Please check out the documents posted on this facebook page I found “the truth about the nauglers

  • anontruthseeker
  • Skeeter

    So what exactly was the content of the anonymous complaint to CPS? I’m curious to dig both sides of this story because I quickly fall lock-step behind any particular version.

  • Skeeter

    Ohhhhh….I see the real story now. It’s clear. The above story decided to leave out a bunch of facts about how the family might not have been denying the children a reasonable and responsible education

    You can free range all you want….but don’t make your children suffer by denying them a basic education.

    Still, I will read more about this case. It’s interesting.

    For those who are hopping on the “gubmint is coming” bandwagon, I recommend you also continue your research by using many resources — not just the ones linking to InfoWars lol

  • Rebecca Howell

    Let me make this simple for you. These are homeless people. They don’t live off the land- save for a few goats. They don’t can or jar food. Dad doesn’t own his land, and the first thing our forefathers did was dig a well. All present day farmers and “homesteaders” do too. This isn’t an attack on living off the grid (they have a gasoline powered generator-not solar or wind power). They aren’t schooling at all. They gave up on that by their own admission. They see these kids as property. Some don’t have birth certificates (which will be a huge issue if they want to go to college or get a job). They live in the wild with animals who aren’t vaccinated for rabies and the children aren’t vaccinated for tetanus. The parents frown on modern medicine- so I worry what would happen if the children ever contract lyme disease (a very real threat in this region. I had it and so did my oldest son). The children reportedly reek of urine and don’t know how to use a toilet and the family has very little water in which to drink, wash dishes with or bathe. The dad has been accused of abuse and has admitted to beating Alex. Nicole herself has said she believes in “50 whacks” and that beating a child is fine, as long as you don’t kill them. This is when her internet homesteading and homeschooling friends unfriended her. Joe is lazy and smokes pot. He is willfully unemployed and when people in the community tried to help by hiring him at a local hotel, he abandoned his post to watch ESPN in a hotel room, brought the kids dirty clothes there to wash- leaving tell tell signs (straw and debris) on the hotel linens and was finally fired due to theft. Nicole was fired from her dog grooming job and vainly attempted to start her own business…. which she says is almost ready. Well you have to have clients and she doesn’t. They are destitute and unfit to be parents.

  • Lithe Lassie

    NOTE THAT THIS FAMILY, ten months from when the children were taken by CPS, is NOT homesteading or living off-grid.
    They live in a less than 400 s.f. shed near the road, no water, no toilets.
    The entire story last year was a pretense.
    They stole $45,000 from the public, have nothing to show for it.
    They are still living in poverty.

    The truth.