Lawsuit, Video: NYPD Beat Man On Crutches At Block Party


A federal lawsuit is claiming that NYPD officers brutalized and beat a man that had just underwent surgery for a basketball injury last year.

25-year-old J-Quan Johnson was attending the “Love is Love” block party in Washington Heights on Aug. 31, 2014 where he says officers brutally beat him and severely re-injured his torn Achilles tendon.

The lawsuit says Johnson was following police orders to disperse and was hobbling away on crutches when officer Dwight Powell shoved someone into him.

“Why are you being so aggressive?” Johnson asked the cop, warning him that he had a badly injured leg.

The lawsuit – filed in Manhattan Federal Court – claims Powell then shouted, “I don’t give a fuck about your foot!” before Johnson responded that he didn’t care that he was a cop and the officer slapped him in the face.

Five unidentified officers then jumped on the man and the beating commenced.

Footage recorded from the scene shows an officer swinging his baton, which Johnson claims delivered a blow directly to his injured foot as other officers manhandled him on the ground.

Outraged bystanders can be heard on the video protesting the officers actions until the man is drug away to an ambulance.

Watch the raw footage:

Johnson’s attorney Michael Braverman called the incident “an outrage” and said the officers “were completely out of control.”

Braverman added that Johnson has no criminal record and alleges that once in the ambulance, his client was punched twice in the face by an officer.

Johnson’s left Achilles had just been surgically repaired and the man had an intravenous PICC line administering antibiotics to his chest because of a basketball injury he’d suffered two months before the beating.

According to the lawsuit, the beating caused the antibiotic line to dislodge and Johnson’s tendon was re-ruptured requiring skin grafts and several surgeries to repair it at New York Presbyterian Hospital where he had to stay from August 31 to October 3.

NYPD spokespeople have not commented on the lawsuit but according to Braverman, “Internal Affairs investigated the incident and referred the case” to the Civilian Complaint Review Board who determined no action could be taken against he officers because they could not be identified.

Johnson is seeking damages which will be determined at trial.