Leaked: Counter-Terrorism Memo Warns Police of Impending “Far-Right” Violence


A leaked New York State Counter Terrorism Bulletin reveals that police are being told to prepare for targeted violence from “far-right extremists.”

Published by the New York State Intelligence Center, the document, entitled “CTB 14-07: Recent Spike in Violence Targeting Law Enforcement,” details several recent shootings while warning police to be on the look out for people displaying anti-government viewpoints.

“Over the last week there have been three attacks – one in Canada and two in the United States – in which law enforcement officers were targeted, leading to the death of five officers and one civillian,” the bulletin states. “Based upon reporting it appears all the suspects in these incidents were motivated by elements of a far right anti-government ideology with a particular fixation on law enforcement.”

The bulletin mentions data from a New America Foundation study that claims 37 deaths since 9/11 were perpetrated by the “far right,” repeating the meme that those within the liberty movement are more dangerous than Al Qaeda. The bulletin also references a study by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) that argues that far right extremists have been killing law enforcement at an “increasing rate in recent years.”

The bulletin illustrates the federal government’s never ending attempt to tie anyone with basic conservative beliefs to incredibly rare events carried out by deranged and psychotic killers.

The bulletin goes on to cite a study by the Countering Terrorism Center at West Point, a think tank that labels supporters of individual freedoms as extremist, as proof of the danger New York State faces. Law enforcement are warned that New York is ranked second in the number of far-right attacks nationwide.

“Since 2011, there have been ten submission/tips to the NYSIC regarding anti-government related suspicious activity, two of which were adopted by the JTTF,” the bulletin states.

The bulletin even attempts to label those who believe the government is interested in gun confiscation as “far right” conspiracy theorists, ironically only one day after President Obama publicly endorsed the “success” of Australia’s gun confiscation program.

The recent passage of the NYSafe Act, gun control legislation that has been rejected by more than 84 percent of New York counties, is also mentioned as a likely lightning rod for “militia and sovereign citizens.”

CTB 14-07 Recent Spike InViolence Targeting Law Enforce

These recent events are bringing forth a conversation the liberty movement needs to be having. When is it justifiable to defend against the violent enforcers of the state?

It is important to understand that police are fundamentally immoral. They are immoral because there entire existence is dependent on a government extortion racket(taxation) to exist.

Accounting for inflation it is safe to say that upwards of 75% or more of Americans earnings are gobbled up(stolen at gunpoint) by the criminal cartel calling itself government.

As if that is not enough, like vultures, the agents of the state, county, and city are sent out to embezzle and extort even more from us for any one of MILLIONS of ridiculous laws and violations that in most cases simply contradict the common sense of a rational mind.

Most American commit three or more felonies every day without even knowing it just going about our daily business. Obviously, if caught by any number of men in costumes calling themselves ‘officials’, they will put a gun to our heads, hand cuff, kidnap, and throw us into a cage.

This of coarse will be going on all the while the REAL criminals, in many cases the very costumed men themselves commit horrendous atrocities DAILY against their fellow countrymen as they provide protection to the very people at odds most with law and the Constitution they swear to uphold.

Yes that right, George Bush and Barack Obama can melt faces off children with personally sanctioned drone strikes, and Wall-Street Bankers can steal Billions, but if you go five miles over the speed limit you will be hunted down like a dog, embarrassed in your community, pulled over, treated like a criminal, have your property ransacked, and written a ticket for in some cases upwards of a weeks pay.

And thats only the beginning. The next frontier in revenue collection is to have computers attached to speeding and red-light camera read our license plates and automatically send tickets to our homes. This is now happening in places like Maryland and Ohio.

Eventually, the endless police brutality, corruption, and out-right theft will no longer be tolerated. Rather than attempting to help the people they claim to serve by refusing to extort them for meaningless and victimless crimes like drug possession and moving violations, police agencies have responded with mass-ticketing blitzkriegs like this one.

The public must ask themselves when will enough be enough?