Lithuanian Troops To Conduct Operations In Pennsylvania With National Guard


Unbeknownst to most Americas, foreign troops regularly train and are stationed in the United States.

Police State Daily recently came across a story about Lithuanian dignitaries and other dignitaries visiting Fort Indiantown Gap and the Pennsylvania State Capitol as part of an apparent partnership between Lithuania and the Pennsylvania National Guard.

Evidently, Lithuania and Pennsylvania have worked together for more than 20 years under the National Guard Bureau’s State Partnership Program.

Since the partnership began, over 500 exchanges have taken place between the Pennsylvania National Guard and Lithuania that cover diverse topics such as Senior Leader Engagements, Recruiting, NCO Professional Development, Military Decision Making Process and Strategic Planning, Range Development, Airfield Development and Standards, Defense Support to Civil Authorities, Family Programs, and Resiliency.

Also, Pennsylvania and Lithuania have jointly deployed to Afghanistan in support of ISAF, including four rotations of a Police Operational Mentor and Liaison Team. Pennsylvania also provided nine rotations of a team of Logistics Advisors to the Lithuanian led Provincial Reconstruction Team in the Gowhr Province.

Pennsylvania and Lithuania are looking at other opportunities to jointly deploy to further expand the relationship between their militaries. Pennsylvania and Lithuanian forces consistently participate in joint exercises together, such as SABRE STRIKE and AMBER HOPE, which “promote regional stability and security, strengthens international military partnering and fosters trust while improving interoperability between participating nations,” the programs website says.

The State Partnership Program highlights the role of the National Guard as an all-volunteer, professional military with dual missions to support the nation and the state. The unique civil-military nature of the Pennsylvania National Guard enables it to interact with Lithuanian active and reserve forces, as well as civilian and governmental agencies.

As a result, the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency and the Lithuanian Fire and Rescue Service have developed a five year strategic plan to find ways to cooperate, along with the Pennsylvania National Guard in areas like Disaster Preparedness and Defense Support of Civil Authorities.

In case you don’t quite understand what that means, let us clarify that for you. In the event of a crisis or disaster, man made or natural, Lithuanian troops will be assisting the Pennsylvania National Guard with boots on the ground support.

That means that foreign troops will be policing United States citizens in Pennsylvania. Soldiers that are NOT subject to any of the laws of our country or more importantly the Constitution which they do NOT take any oath to uphold. Therefore they will have no problem when given unconstitutional order from NATO or UN superiors.

Unfortunately, it will not take a crisis for Lithuanian troops to put boots on the ground in the Good Ole’ US of A. The Pennsylvania National Guard headquarters, along with Lithuanian armed forces and other civilian agencies, are preparing for the U.S. Northern Command and the National Guard Bureau’s Vigilant Guard 2014 exercise Aug. 28-29.

The exercise will include an estimated 2,500 Guard members from several states and territories including West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, Puerto Rico and Florida, as well as 21 civilian agencies like Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, Department of Agriculture and the Lithuanian Fire and Rescue, according Lt. Col. Alan Ornoski, Joint strategic plans officer for the Pennsylvania National Guard.

The simulated event will kick off with a severe weather emergency, like a hurricane. Events from the storm would trigger several other events, such as a cyber security incident, or the need to evacuate residents, the official Pennsylvania National Guard Website says.

Its important to understand that even United States troops are not even supposed to police on American soil.

The Posse Comitatus Act is the United States federal law that was passed on June 18, 1878, after the end of Reconstruction to limit the powers of Federal government in using federal military personnel to enforce state laws.

The Act was modified in 1981 to say that the law does not apply to the National Guard under state authority from acting in a law enforcement capacity within its home state or in an adjacent state if invited by that state’s governor.

Here are some recent examples of foreign troops of American soil illustrating that globalism has taken much more of a foothold than many may realize.

Last year Russian troops were invited to the US as part of a Fort Carson, Colorado drill focused around anti-terror training. Aside from learning how to target terrorists in America, the Russian soldiers were also told to go out and mingle with the local community by attending a baseball game in Colorado Springs.

The Department of Defense subsequently confirmed that 20 Russian Spetsnaz troops were set to train on US soil for a period of three weeks as part of a “formal bilateral exchange program between the U.S. and Russia.”

The process of acclimatizing Americans to accept the presence of foreign troops on US soil has been ongoing since the release of State Department Publication 7277, which is a blueprint for the harmonization of US and Russian forces under a United Nations framework.

There are numerous other instances where foreign troops have been active on U.S. soil as part of security exchange programs.

– In 2008, US and Canadian authorities signed an agreement that paves the way to using each other’s militaries on both sides of the border “during an emergency”.

– During FEMA’s 2009 NLE exercise, foreign troops from Mexico, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom were involved in a major exercise focused on “terrorism prevention and protection.”

– Back in July 2010, our reporters covered the Operation Vigilant Guard exercises in Chicago which involved Polish troops training alongside U.S. National Guard troops in drills focused around raiding terrorists and drug dealers.

Alex Jones has documented foreign troops being trained on U.S. soil to deal with “insurgents” since the late 1990′s as part of “urban warfare drills”.

– In June of this year(2013), foreign troops from Canada, New Zealand and Japan as well as observers from Australia, Chile, Colombia, Israel, Mexico, Peru and Singapore took part in multi-lateral exercises with US Marines under the banner of Operation Dawn Blitz, during which foreign soldiers staged a mock invasion of a beach in Southern California and then “moved inland for additional training ashore.”

– In addition, as Frank Drover details, “Troops and personnel under the command of the United Nations have been training all over the United States in joint exercises that include policing operations and terrorist suppression.”

Drover cites a 1994 UN training mission named Agile Provider (watch the clip above), during which 44,000 blue helmeted UN troops from nations such as France and the Netherlands trained in Georgia, North and South Carolina, Arkansas, and Tennessee.

– There were also fresh eyewitness reports of UN troops arriving for exercises in Texas, Florida, Mississippi and Georgia as recently as May of last year.

Foreign troops on US soil are particularly unnerving because they have no allegiance to the laws and sovereignty of the United States making them much more willing to follow unconstitutional orders without question or concern.

It is interesting that most training operations being conducted by these foreign military partnerships include subduing protestors and disarming American gun owners.

It is only logically to expect, that if unconstitutional orders were given, and US troops refused to carry them out against their own countrymen, that military officials would then turn to their foreign counterparts with which they have been training with for the past 20 plus years.