Man Arrested For Hanging Rattlesnake On Police Monument


A Cottonwood, Arizona man was arrested and charged with criminal littering earlier this week for hanging a dead rattlesnake on a police monument

Police say 23-year-old Nathan Cumiford was caught on surveillance video Monday at the Cottonwood Police Department placing the reptile on the department’s Fallen Officers Memorial Statue.

The incident does not appear to be politically motivated.

When asked about placing the dead rattlesnake on the statue, Cumiford laughed and said it was an intended prank that he thought would be funny.

According to officers, Cumiford killed the snake between Tuzigoot National Monument and Cottonwood before walking it to the Cottonwood Police Department where he draped it over the shoulders of the officer statue.

Cumiford was placed under arrest for criminal littering and taken to the Yavapai County Jail.

Controversy surrounding the “defacing” and “vandalism” of police monuments is nothing new.

Recently of note, our friend, CopBlocker Brian Summer was convicted of “vandalism” for using chalk to write “FPD = Guilty,” “Badges don’t grant extra rights” and “Fresno Liberty Movement” on a granite monument honoring 12 police officers killed in the line of duty in Fresno, California.

Sumner maintains he was only exercising his constitutional right to free speech, and that the act of chalking does not fit the legal definition of “vandalism” because it causes no permanent damage and can easily be washed off.

Unfortunately, jurors disagreed.

The conviction coalesced with the annual “Chalk the Police State 2015” event, where participants from all over the country participated in chalking their local police departments.