Miami-Dade Jail Cop Convicted After Throwing Scalding Water On Teen


A Miami-Dade jail officer was convicted of misdemeanor battery last week for throwing a cup full of scalding hot water on a teenage inmate back in August 2012.

Charlise Daniels-Wadley was sentenced to one year of probation and 50 hours of community service after she took a plea deal on December 29.

Eighteen-year-old Joshua Wiggins was in a pre-trial cell at the Miami-Dade Detention Center being held on a drug charge when Daniels-Wadley got into “an exchange of insults” with the young man, prosecutors say.

After the officer threatened to pepper spray Wiggins, she returned several minutes later and opened the flap of Wiggins’ cell and threw in the hot liquid.

“When she dropped the flap, she threw the water on me,” Wiggins said on Monday. “The pain started really setting in through the jumper. It started setting in. I got on my knees, you know. I yelled before she even walked off. I told her, ‘You are not going to get away with this.'”

Wiggins was not taken to be medically treated until the next morning. He suffered second-degree burns to his chest and doctors asserted that the water was probably as hot as 140 degrees.

An investigation in the incident was launched by Miami-Dade Corrections Internal Affairs and the State Attorney’s Office, which eventually ended in Daniels-Wadley’s plea arrangement.

“We’re extremely satisfied with the State Attorney’s Office,” Wiggins’ attorney, David Kubilian said in reference to the conviction. “They took the time, investigated and did the right thing.”

Following the incident, Wiggins pleaded guilty to a cocaine trafficking charge and served almost two years in prison. He was released in November.

Now 21, Wiggins says he is happy that justice was served against Daniels-Wadley and that he is considering filing a civil lawsuit against the Miami-Dade Corrections Department.

“A person like that in a position like that… Yeah, I was shocked,” Wiggins said. “I figured they just forgot about it, you know? I figured everybody forgot about it. I felt like I didn’t forget, and that’s what I told her in the cell, that I wouldn’t forget.”

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