Former Saratoga County Sheriffs Deputy Shawn Glans

Misconduct Conviction For Officer After Video Shows Him Slap Man For Refusing Search


A Saratoga County Sheriff Deputy from New York was convicted of official misconduct and second-degree harassment, Tuesday, following the release of a viral video showing him intimidating, cursing at, and slapping a man for refusing to consent to an illegal search.

Former officer Shawn Glans plead guilty to the charges and has now resigned.

Video surfaced late last year of Glans and another deputy questioning two men outside of Wal-Mart in Halfmoon.

The video shows Glans cursing and asserting he will search one of the mens car, despite not having a search warrant.

“Its just not right that you want search my car for no reason,” the man says. “Why dont you want to search my house? I wasn’t even in my car.”

“Give me your f***ing keys right now,” Glans demands.

“Why?” the man asks.

“Because Im going to search your f***ing car,” Glans says.

Glans can then be heard delivering an obvious slap to the man but it is not captured completely on camera. Glans claims that the man, who is standing calmly with his arms crossed, was ‘resisting.’

Glans confirms the slap by addressing the camera operator, saying, “You like that huh? I can get alot more intense.”

“Will you slap me around?” the man asks.

“Ill rip your f***ing head off and s*** down your neck,” Glans responds.

Glans was initially suspended without pay following the videos release. He resigned after he was charged in November.

The misconduct and harassment convictions are each misdemeanors.

Watch the raw footage:

  • Jim N Tammy

    What a douche.

  • not necassary

    welcome to the “blue line gang bangers” world. first we had the bloods then we had the crips now we have the “blue line gang bangers” all cops are gang members now.