Parma Mayor Tyrus Byrd

New Mayor Vows To Clean Up Town – Police & Officials Resign, Wipe Computers

The newly elected mayor of Parma, Missouri, Tyrus Byrd, said her first order of business is to “help clean up the city.” Apparently that didn’t set well with local police and government officials.

80 percent of the small towns police department quit, along with the city attorney, the city clerk, and the waste water treatment plant supervisor.

Byrd says, after taking office April 14, that she was unaware of the resignations as no official letters had been filed. It is unclear how long the department has been operating without five of its six officers.

Byrd also claims that she took office to find that computers had been wiped. It is unclear whether the computers that were scrubbed belonged to the police department or administrative city officials.

Former Mayor Randall Ramsey, who held the office for 37 years, said the resignations had to do with “safety concerns,” but did not elaborate.

Byrd won a close election against Ramsey in the town of just 700 people by a margin of less than 40 votes.

Parma residents are saying good radiance to the resigning officers.

“I think it was pretty dirty the way they all quit without giving her a chance, but I don’t think they hurt the town with quitting because who needs six police for 740 people?” one Parma resident said.

Byrd is an ex-city-council person and is the first African-American female mayor in Parma’s history, leading many mainstream media outlets to label the police actions as “racist.”

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