NYPD Cop Thrown In Psych Ward For Exposing Arrest Quotas Wins $600K

NYPD officer Adrian Schoolcraft sued his city in 2010 for $50 million after he said he was thrown in to a psych ward at Jamaica Hospital for exposing a quota system being run by the department.

Schoolcraft said he was unlawfully detained after fellow officers launched a campaign of harassment against him when he blew the whistle on cops changing crime statistics and using arrest quotas at the 81st Precinct in Brooklyn.

He claimed officers came into his Queens home and declared him an emotionally disturbed person on Halloween 2009 under the alleged orders of Stephen Mauriello.

Mauriello, Schoolcraft’s commanding officer who currently holds the position of city inspector, was unknowingly recorded by the whistle blower discussing how to manipulate crime stats.

On Tuesday, Schoolcraft settled with the city for $600,000. He still has claims against the hospital and two doctors – which are pending and scheduled to go to trial on Oct. 19.

“He is disappointed but he accepts the city’s decision,” Mauriello’s attorney Walter Kretz said.

“I don’t think the real story of what happened here has ever been told. The tapes have been misconstrued. He can defend everything he said on them.”

Mauriello has offered no comment about the settlement and is now stationed in Bronx transit. Departmental charges against him for manipulating crime statistics are still pending now some five years later.

The settlement includes backpay and benefits for Schoolcraft from Oct. 31, 2009 to the end of 2015, filings show, which will reportedly make the total payout in excess of $1 million.

Schoolcraft remains suspended without pay but is expected to retire after the settlement is finalized.

“We are pleased that we were able to reach a just and fair resolution of this dispute with Adrian Schoolcraft,” a city Law Department spokesman said. “The settlement should not be construed as an admission that the City or any City employee engaged in wrongdoing.”

Schoolcraf’s lawyers declined to comment on the pending litigation against the hospital.

  • KrSpo

    ““The settlement should not be construed as an admission that the City or any City employee engaged in wrongdoing.””

    No, that is EXACTLY what it should be construed as. You don’t tap out if things are looking like a win.

    • SpirituallyInsane

      I thought that went interestingly with “just and fair resolution”.

    • independentamerican31

      Your completely wrong in that. Many times cities will settle because the settlement amount is far less than the amount it would cost to win the drawn out lawsuit. I’ve seen it many times.

      Just understand that you are incorrect in your assumption.

      • Mike Hawk

        Sure, regardless in this particular circumstance that IS how we should read it since the police were guilty. This is just some lame half hearted attempt to plead no contest.

      • zBoogyman

        And how is this relevant to the police being blatantly guilty??

      • Sze

        Just like you may be with yours… Everyones got a butthole, dont mean we wanna hear it.

      • Nicolas Edwards

        Sorry, but it don’t cost more than a Million to defend when your in the right.

  • HealthyVeggies

    Psych wards should be illegal. Unless you commit a crime, being detained like that is unethical. If someone is mentally ill or supposedly mentally ill or supposedly suicidal, they need to CHOOSE to be detained, no more of this b/s forced against your will crap. What the hell is wrong with the USA. psych wards are prisons without committing the crime. If someone is suicidal (and people can be suicidal for legitimate reasons) and they are coherent enough to explain why in terms of their quality of living, they should not be able to be forced against their will to a psych ward. I want to move to Holland so badly because the USA has gone insane with this mental health “treatment” bullshit. What the hell is this, the salem witch trial days? Unethical as f***. those cops should be criminally charged for torture. I might rather be murdered than forced against my will to a psych ward or mental health “treatment” anything….that is torture.

    • Trexinmichigan

      All I know is you shouldn’t own a gun.

    • Douglas Self

      This kind of shit is what the Soviets did during the Brezhnev years. We’ve come full circle,

  • Stay away from the US> Do not visit, do not go there, don’t do business with US citizens. The country has gone crazy.

  • Maurice Adelmon

    We are SO CORRUPT the honest people end up in psych wards….. FUCK AMERICA MAN.

  • charlie6

    All of those in positions of authority should be held personally responsible and financially libel for their behavior while on or off duty.

  • Mark

    Schoolcraft remains suspended without pay but is expected to retire after the settlement in finalized.

    • Mark

      Schoolcraft remains suspended without pay but is expected to retire after the settlement *is* finalized.

  • philosoher3000

    NYPD is one of the largest and dirtiest police forces on the planet. This is just how I’d expect them to treat a whistle-blower, but why isn’t this on the evening news nationally?

  • stevo

    …being RUN by the department.