Off-Duty Officer Filmed Terrorizing Community At Gunpoint


Video has emerged showing a New York cop holding a New Jersey man at gunpoint before ordering him to the ground and stomping him.

Officials say after investigating a surveillance video posted to social media, they have determined that the armed man is an officer with the Paterson police department and the incident occurred on September 24, on Main Street in Paterson.

The footage shows the cop approach a man standing on a side walk with his firearm drawn before ordering him to the ground and grabbing him by the neck to push him down.

While the officer points his weapon at the man, he stomps in a downward motion kicking him as he lie on the pavement. The officer then flees.

Watch the raw footage:

In a separate video, the officer can then be seen running after another man and holding him at gunpoint while yelling and cursing before taking off to chase someone else.

Angry bystanders can be heard on the footage condemning the officers behavior, telling him to holster his weapon, and demanding that he show a badge.

The cop appears to have not been on-duty at the time.

Watch the raw footage:

Paterson police say they are reviewing the incident, and that a stabbing is a part of the same investigation. Details of what exactly transpired that spurned the off-duty officers actions are not yet known.

Witnesses from the scene however, say the officer’s son had been stabbed in a fight earlier that night a few blocks away.

“All I seen was this guy comes with his gun, pointing at people, innocent people,” one witness said. “He was saying, ‘I just want to know who fought with my son, who stabbed my son. He was just going crazy.”

Police Director Jerry Speziale said the man seen being kicked in the video has not filed a formal complaint with the department but that after viewing the footage, officials “have turned… investigations over to the Passaic County prosecutor’s office.”

The prosecutor’s office will either continue with the investigation or send it back to the police department, Speziale said.

The unidentified officer involved remains on full duty but the man who was kicked says he has retained an attorney and plans on filing a complaint with local prosecutors and federal agents.

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