Officer Injures 11-Year-Old During Interrogation About School Incident He Witnessed


A mother in California claims the Los Angeles police used excessive force against her 11-year-old son without probable cause when they handcuffed him, injuring his wrist, earlier this month.

The boy, Andres Munoz, said his injury occurred as a result of being handcuffed by a school police officer at Barton Hill Elementary School, who awkwardly bent it behind his back in a manner not consistent with his natural range of motion.

Munoz’s mother, Anita Garcia said the incident happened three weeks ago, when her son was called to the principal’s office for an interrogation regarding a separate incident at the school that he had witnessed.

The woman says she is angry that she was not notified of the situation.

“I’m really upset because the school is his second home, he should feel safe there,” Garcia said. “He should not have gone through this. He’s 11 years old.”

Garcia says her son is a good student and has never had any disciplinary problems.

“The officer was aggressive. If I would have done that to somebody’s child, I would be in jail,” Garcia said.

X-rays taken last week revealed the injury. Munoz’s wrist has now been put in a cast.

The Los Angeles Unified School District said it was aware of the incident Tuesday.

“As in all allegations involving the use of force-related injuries due to police action, this incident will be thoroughly and expeditiously investigated,” school officials said.

Garcia says she wants the officer to be held accountable and that she is considering filing a lawsuit against the district.

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