Officer Stole Gun, Drugs, $7,000 On Disturbance Call – Recovered At His Home After GPS Betrays Him


A San Antonio police officer accused of stealing marijuana, thousands of dollars and a rifle from a couple during a New Years Eve disturbance call, was arrested Thursday.

32-year-old Konrad Chatys, a seven-year veteran of the San Antonio Police Department was charged with ‘theft by public servant charge, a third-degree felony.

Police say Chatys was dispatched to the 7900 block of Potranco for a domestic disturbance call between a man and woman on December 31.

While there, Chatys found the couple had marijuana, a rifle and a large sum of cash, police say.

The woman, who later filed an official complaint with the police department said Chatys confiscated the marijuana, rifle and seven thousand dollars before releasing her and her boyfriend without charges.

After an Internal Affairs investigation was launched, investigators found that the GPS tracking system equipped on Chatys’ patrol car indicated he first returned to his home before going on another call after the incident.

After police searched Chatys’ home, the gun, drugs and money were recovered.

Chatys was booked and placed on administrative leave. He is currently being held without bond.

“Actions like this have no place in the [department],” San Antonio Police Chief Art Trevino said. “That is why swift and decisive action was taken on this case when we became aware of it.”

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