Officer Suspended After Video Shows Him Punch, Kick Handcuffed Woman In Face


A Miami Beach police officer was suspended Monday, for 160 hours, after surveillance footage came to light showing him punch and kick a handcuffed woman in the face on June 26, 2013.

Detective Philippe Archer had approached 29-year-old Megan Adamescu, in South Beach after responding to a call of a disturbance.

Police say Adamescu was intoxicated and did not cooperate when Archer, who was in plain clothes, when he asked for her ID.

A scuffle resulted prompting a passerby, Andrew Mossberg, to intervene because he thought Adamescu was being mugged.

Police say Mossberg stepped in even after Archer identified himself as an officer, and then hit the detective before being detained with Adamescu.

Surveillance footage from the police department’s garage afterward, shows a handcuffed Adamescu kick Archer slightly after arriving at the station.

The muscular man much larger man responds by punching and kicking her in the face. No use of force was noted in any police reports.

An internal affairs investigation concluded that Archer violated the department’s rules on use of force and securing prisoners in custody when he punched and kicked a handcuffed woman in the parking garage of police headquarters.

Police officials chastised Archer saying the officers use of force was “excessive” and “inappropriate.”

“My disciplinary action speaks for itself,” Police Chief Dan Oates said Monday. “This event occurred nearly two years ago, before much of the current city and Police Department leadership was in place. Everyone, including the officer involved, has learned from this event. We are moving forward.”

Watch the raw footage: