Police Arrest and Call Child Services on Father For Cursing at Own Children


Police in Orland Park, Illinois arrested a Tinley Park man for cursing at his own children inside a pancake house after a patron called police to report him.

Mark Pawlak, 33, cursed at his children and threatened to lock them in a “hot truck” if they didn’t quieten down, then told a woman to “Shut the f*** up” who confronted him about his language, police said.

The woman told police she walked by the table where Pawlak and his family were eating and heard him say, “You’re such little b****,” and, “Stop being a little a** hole,” according to a police report.

The woman “advised she was offended and disturbed by the language being used towards young children and turned around to confront Mark,” police said. “While approaching his booth, she heard him say, ‘I’m going to lock you two in the hot truck if you don’t shut up.'”

The woman then “confronted Mark about his language and tone towards the children,” police said. She “related that she advised Mark his language was offensive and that he needed to stop verbally abusing the children. Mark then said, ‘Shut the f*** up b****, f*** you.'”

The woman reportedly “felt threatened by the situation” and left the scene to call police.

Pawlak admitted using fowl language but disputed the woman’s claims, police said. He was arrested on the spot for disorderly conduct. Police also called the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services to report him to the state.

Police State Daily requests for comment were refused by Orland Park Police.

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