Police Downgrade Rape Report Made By 82-Year-Old, Arrive 3hrs Later


Milwaukee police records show officers took over three hours to respond to a rape report made by an 82-year-old woman last week.

The rape occurred near N. Teutonia Ave. and W. Green Tree Road, and was initially listed as a Priority 1 call, second only to an emergency assistance call from an officer.

Records show the report was downgraded however, and was eventually marked as a Priority 3 call.

The call was received at 4:45 p.m. with the unidentified victim reporting that after she got off a bus, she was attacked by a man who knocked her to the ground, turned her over and raped her.

The man ran after the assault, and the victim, who has difficulty seeing, walked home and called 911.

Police records say the woman refused to accept medical care from firefighters and that no paramedics were sent to the scene.

In another phone call made by the woman to police dispatch asking where they were, the victim told a dispatcher she had declined medical treatment because she was worried about whether she could afford an ambulance bill, and asked officers if she could take a shower.

According to police records, the woman was told “not [to] do anything until a squad arrives,” because it could remove key evidence of the rape. Finally, three hours and six minutes after the rape was first reported, police arrived.

A Milwaukee police spokesman acknowledged the delay in response time was “excessive” and said the case is under review.

“The MPD is reviewing both our dispatch prioritization protocol and the handling of this specific call for service to ensure policy was followed and determine whether policy revision is needed, as the time from the initial call to the police and the dispatch of a squad was excessive,” Lt. Mark Stanmeyer said.

Stanmeyer noted that in this case, once a squad car was dispatched, it only took six minutes to arrive after the three hour delay.

“The response time was excessive and unacceptable. Clearly, a complete review and corrective measures are warranted,” a spokeswoman for Mayor Tom Barrett said.

The suspected rapist is still on the loose.