19-year-old Tony Robinson

Police Kill Unarmed Black Teen After Forcing Way Into Home


Wisconsin police shot an unarmed man Friday, Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said today at a press conference.

19-year-old Tony Robinson was shot Friday night after an altercation in which the officer was knocked down by a blow to the head, authorities said.

Koval said the incident occurred after an officer who was investigating a man jumping into traffic, followed the teenager to a nearby apartment and forced his way in after apparently ‘hearing a disturbance.’

Koval said it wasn’t clear whether Robinson, who died at a hospital, was alone in the apartment where the shooting happened.

“[Robinson] was unarmed,” Koval said.

Several dozen protesters gathered outside the Dane County Public Safety Building on Saturday before starting to walk toward the scene of the shooting, holding signs that read, “Black Lives Matter.”

Robinson’s grandmother, Sharon Irwin, told The Wisconsin Journal that Robinson was unarmed and asked police, “What happened to your Taser?”

Koval said that more than one shot was fired at the scene.

The state Department of Justice’s Division of Criminal Investigation has launched an investigation.

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