Police Officer Spouses Charged in Murder of Daughters Boyfriend: Shot 19-Year-Old in the Street


Two Tulsa, Oklahoma, police offers have been arrested for the murder of their teenage daughters boyfriend.

Officer Shannon Kepler, 54, was charged with first degree murder in the shooting death of 19-year-old Jeremy Lake, who he allegedly gunned down on a downtown sidewalk while he was walking with his 18-year-old daughter Lisa. Kepler’s wife Gina, 48,  who is also a police officer, was charged with accessory to murder after the fact. Both were booked Tuesday night in the Tulsa County jail where they now reside.

According to jail records, Lake was walking with the Keplers’ daughter when her parents confronted them while driving a black 2007 Suburban. Lisa told police she recognized the vehicle as her father’s so she walked over to speak to him. Her father asked what she was doing in that area and she walked away. Lake approached the SUV and introduced himself, she told police.

That’s when her father shot Lake two or three times, then shot at her, but missed. Kepler then drove off, according to Lisa.

Both officers are 24-year veterans of the Tulsa Police Department and were off duty at the time of the shooting, a police department spokeswoman said.

In an interview to Tulsa World, Lisa wept as she affirmed, “I really hope they rot in prison for a very long time.” She said she called police and reported the incident. “I turned my dad in,” she said.

Lisa Kepler told reporters Wednesday that she was kicked out of her parents’ home a week ago, and had been staying with Lake and his family at the time of the shooting.

Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan said in a statement that the investigation into the murder is ongoing and that both officers have been placed on administrative leave.

Mother of the deceased speaks with NewsOn6: