Road Pirates: Atlanta Area Police Writing Double the Tickets


Atlanta area police and parking enforcement wing Park Atlanta are taking road pirating to a whole new level. Numbers show they are now issuing almost double the number of tickets normally written in prior years.

Park Atlanta wrote 141,000 tickets in 2010. In 2012 they wrote 221,000, according to documents obtained by WSBTV.

The city received millions of dollars in ticket revenue, but Mayor Kasim Reed said money was not the motivation for the increase. “The ticket and traffic enforcement process is actually a tool in combating crime. One of the off-shoots of that is you do have an increase in revenue,” Reed said.

WSBTV filed an open records request for documents that show Atlanta police and Park Atlanta have issued more tickets during the Reed administration than ever before. The documents say that in 2009, Atlanta police issued only 173,438 tickets.  During Reed’s first year in office, that number nearly doubled.

“Police will be issuing more tickets to keep more people safe,” Reed said in an interview.

Yes Reed, we are really sure you care more about public safety than filling your coffers. As far as safety is concerned, studies have shown that things like speed limits have no positive effect. In fact, they have a negative effect and can actually make roads more dangerous. Especially if they’re set too low.

In towns where all the street signs are covered up, rather than chaos ensuing, traffic actually tends to moves faster, with more efficiency as the road becomes safer.

Police all over the nation are going on mad-dash ticketing sprees to extract revenue from a destitute population hesitant to fund their voracious appetite for never ending budget increases.

Rather than attempting to help the people they claim to serve by refusing to extort them for meaningless and victimless moving violations, police agencies have responded with hysterical fits, outright stealing through asset-forfeiture, and mass-ticketing blitzkriegs like this one and many others.

Allow us to put things in perspective.

Medieval serfs paid around 15 – 25% of their production in taxes. Good little America wage slaves, usually unknowingly doll out upwards of 60% of their income to government in some from of taxes or another. Not to mention devastating hidden taxes like inflation. The American dollar has lost 90% of its value in the last 100 years yet American workers taxes have steadily rose to astronomical rates.

Accounting for inflation it is safe to say that upwards of 75% or more of Americans earnings are gobbled up(stolen at gunpoint) by the criminal cartel calling itself government.

As if that is not enough, like vultures, the agents of the state, county, and city are sent out to embezzle and extort even more from us for any one of MILLIONS of ridiculous laws and violations that in most cases simply contradict the common sense of a rational mind.

Most American commit three or more felonies every day without even knowing it just going about our daily business. Obviously, if caught by any number of men in costumes calling themselves ‘officials’, they will put a gun to our heads, hand cuff, kidnap, and throw us into a cage.

This of coarse will be going on all the while the REAL criminals, in many cases the very costumed men themselves commit horrendous atrocities DAILY against their fellow countrymen as they provide protection to the very people at odds most with law and the Constitution they swear to uphold.

Yes that right, George Bush and Barack Obama can melt faces off children with personally sanctioned drone strikes but if you go five miles over the speed limit you will be hunted down like a dog, embarrassed in your community, pulled over, treated like a criminal, have your property ransacked, and written a ticket for in some cases upwards of a weeks pay.

And its only the beginning. The next frontier in revenue collection is to have computers attached to speeding and red-light camera read your license plate and automatically send tickets to your home. This is now happening in places like Maryland and Ohio.

  • Thomas Riggs

    Quote ” The next frontier in revenue collection is to have computers attached to speeding and red-light camera read your license plate and automatically send tickets to your home. This is now happening in places like Maryland and Ohio.”

    It’s happening everywhere man, Your next frontier is in Canada now. It’s to a point where peoples are afraid to take their cars to go for a ride. You can’t drive for 15 minutes without seeing someone pulled over getting a ticket on major streets. Folks are driving 60 miles an hour in 80 zones cause they’re afraid. There’s radars, cameras, hidden/phantom cars, patrol cars hidden behind bushes. Police are no better than thugs waiting on street corners to take your wallet, pouncing on you for everything and anything, lights, muffler, height of your clearance, tires, colour of your windows and it’s all legal according to government it’s for public safety, but we all know cops are pressured to meet ever increasing quotas by the government wanting to rake in more money any way they can to pay for their extravagance