Dennis Daley holds a photo taken four days after he was tackled and beaten by police

Surveillance Footage: Man Has Jaw Wired Shut After Police Beating


A Florida man had to have his jaw wired shut after being beaten at his home by Lee County Sheriff’s deputies on the night of September 21.

44-year-old Dennis Daley, of Fort Myers Shores had been at a friend’s house with his wife playing pool, a police report says. On the way home the couple stopped at a bar to play more pool.

A police report says Daley’s wife Karen told officers that her husband had been drinking and began arguing with her over the use of a family vehicle by one of their children when they got home. The report says Daily became “enraged” and wrestled the keys to their van from his wife and drove off.

The woman called 911. Police made contact with Daley when he returned home.

Footage of the incident was captured by a surveillance camera the couple had installed because of neighborhood break-ins. As Daley arrives, officers can be seen taking him to the ground where a struggle ensues.

Raw footage:

Daley was charged driving under the influence, domestic battery and “resisting arrest with violence.” He was treated at Lee Memorial Hospital for injuries to his head and face. As a result of a broken jaw his mouth was wired shut. He now takes his meals through a straw.

Daley disputes statements by deputies that he grabbed for their gun-belt and says he took the keys to the vehicle so he could ‘go cool off.’ “They could have cuffed me. Instead they kept beating me,” Daley said. “Thank goodness for the video. I am clearly not resisting.”

Daley has filed an official complaint with the Lee County Sheriff’s Department and is currently weighing his legal options.

A statement from the family:

“After his face was repeatedly smashed into a wall, he was then helplessly dragged to the ground in a ‘cage-fighting’ like choke hold, shot with a Taser gun twice, and then drop-kneed in the face. While he lay limp and defenseless on his back, he was ferociously beaten in the face over and over — 7 times in all. Almost as horrible as being mauled by Lee County Sheriff deputies was the way the judges of Lee County regarded our family in the aftermath of the merciless violence. We ask that the Lee County Sheriff’s Office deputies who unrestrainedly assailed Dennis Daley be brought to justice, and we demand protection for the rest of our community so that no other man, woman, child, or family suffers the way the Daley family is suffering.”

“The matter is under review with preliminary evidence that Mr. Daley was impaired, resisted our Deputy, and continued to resist despite being tased,” Lee County Sheriff Mike Scot said after being notified of the complaint. “Our full findings upon completing the use of force review will be made available to you at that time.”

All charges against Daley have been dropped.

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  • 194850

    I think everyone already knows that no charges will be brought. Even if he sues it will be the city that pays, not the officer. He will go on to murder someone an. Still get away with it. Its time to stand up and make a change. Tell the police we are tired of being Abused. Its time to get rid of the immunity and make the police pay for their crimes rather than the taxpayers.

    • travon

      Looks justifiable to me. Screw that scumbag