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Massachusetts Legalizes Cannabis, Cops Keep Arresting People

Cannabis legalization has been a highly contested issue in Massachusetts during the last decade. Possession of less than an ounce of the drug was first decriminalized in 2008. A 2012 law then allowed for 35 outlets to be licensed to sell medical marijuana. Finally, recreational use was legalized at the end of last year. The process has been arduous. After legalizing medical use ...

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Bill That Would Lift Federal Marijuana Prohibition Gets Renewed Push

A bill that would do away with federal marijuana restrictions has been given a renewed push by a small bipartisan group of lawmakers. Originally introduced by Rep. Thomas Garrett (R-Virginia) in February, the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act would leave medical and recreational marijuana policy up to states. As it currently stands, 29 states have codified some form of medical marijuana legalization into ...

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Trump Signing Statement Includes Medical Marijuana Reference

President Trump has issued a statement referencing a provision that stipulates federal funds not be used to interfere with state medical marijuana laws. Friday’s signing statement, which was attached to the $1.2 trillion omnibus bill passed by Congress this week, asserts presidential constitutional authority on issues of war powers, marijuana and government spending. The bipartisan spending bill, hailed as a “clear ...

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