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Video Shows Resource Officer Choke, Body-Slam, Tase Nonviolent Teen

Confirming a clear pattern of abuse at Woodland Hills High School in Pittsburgh, new video shows a nonviolent teen being brutalized by a resource officer. Released by attorney Todd Hollis, the footage shows the 15-year-old student being placed in a headlock before being body-slammed and repeatedly tased by officer Steve Shaulis on March 3, 2015. The teen was reportedly asked to leave class and report to the office where ...

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$5.5M Settlement For Man Beat Mercilessly With Batons By Cops

A man who suffered a concussion, deep head cuts and broken bones in his arms at the hands of Alameda County, California sheriff’s deputies will now receive a $5.5 million lawsuit settlement. Attorneys said Friday that the Alameda County Board of Supervisors approved the settlement for Stanislav Petrov on Tuesday. Petrov had been sitting in a reportedly stolen vehicle in ...

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Camera Malfunctions As Cop Breaks 83-Year-Old Man’s Nose And Arm

An 83-year-old man is headed to court for a resisting and obstructing felony charge received during an incident involving Michigan state police that was not recorded due to a malfunctioning dashboard camera that curiously didn’t capture any of his assault. Owner and operator of Warner Township’s only bar for 51 years, Larry Sevenski said he was informed on St. Patrick’s Day by ...

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