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Texas Cop Not Charged Despite Video Of Him Beating Man In Jail

Video has emerged showing a Texas police officer beating a man arrested for alleged assault and public intoxication at Garland Detention Center. According to Noah Lofquist, he was arrested at a hotel and began mouthing off to Officer Donald Fernandez on the way to jail. He even challenged him to remove his handcuffs so the two could fight. After arriving at jail, Fernandez took Lofquist’s ...

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Video Shows Officer Unleash K-9 On Man During Traffic Stop

Video has surfaced showing a Beaver Borough, Pennsylvania police officer unleash a K-9 on a man during a traffic stop after dragging him out of his vehicle. Beaver Patrolman Jeffrey Wijnen-Riems has a long history of alleged abuse. In 2005, six people filed federal lawsuits claiming they were brutalized by the officer in various incidents. Two of those lawsuits were settled for $90,000. In 2011, a ...

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