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Oakland Finally Advances Measure To Rein In Stasi-Style Surveillance

Residents in Oakland, California have been attempting to reclaim their city from unwarranted spying by police for years, and the local bureaucracy is not helping. The City took its surveillance operations to a new level during the height of the Occupy Wall-Street Movement in 2013, when police proposed to use $2 million in federal grant money to expand a surveillance ...

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$5.5M Settlement For Man Beat Mercilessly With Batons By Cops

A man who suffered a concussion, deep head cuts and broken bones in his arms at the hands of Alameda County, California sheriff’s deputies will now receive a $5.5 million lawsuit settlement. Attorneys said Friday that the Alameda County Board of Supervisors approved the settlement for Stanislav Petrov on Tuesday. Petrov had been sitting in a reportedly stolen vehicle in ...

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