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Video: Woman Gets Out Of DWI Charge After Calling Prosecutor Father

Video has surfaced showing an arrest in which a New York woman called her prosecutor father before having a DWI charge downgraded to a lesser crime. Rachel Winter, 21, was pulled over on the night of Nov. 24 in Lockport by Niagara County sheriff’s deputy Timothy Caughel. Body-cam video showed that Winter admitted to the officer that she drank “a few beers” at ...

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Political Correctness Gone Mad: Man Faces Year In Prison For Nazi Dog Video

In yet another example confirming that political correctness means an Orwellian police state, a Scottish man facing a year in prison over a controversial YouTube video depicting him training his girlfriend’s dog to give Nazi salutes, is due in court on Monday. You may remember Markus Meechan, whose video, “M8 Yer Dugs A Nazi,” went viral in April of last year leading to his ultimate arrest on hate ...

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