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RI Bill Would Create Surveillance Apparatus To Automatically Ticket Motorists, Split Money With Corporation

A controversial bill passed by a House Committee in Rhode Island would create a state wide surveillance apparatus that would automatically ticket motorists and split half the money with the corporation that installed the cameras. Passed by a 7-2 vote on Tuesday by the House Corporations Committee, the bill calls for the authorization of a network of optical license plate readers ...

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Federal Court Rules No Warrant Needed To Obtain Cellphone Location Data

Law enforcement agencies do not require a warrant to obtain individuals’ near-real-time cellphone location data, a federal court has ruled. Most Americans are familiar with the invasive surveillance tactics used by the NSA. According to the Washington Post, the agency gathers “nearly 5 billion records a day on the whereabouts of cellphones around the world.” This includes the collection of ...

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Oakland Finally Advances Measure To Rein In Stasi-Style Surveillance

Residents in Oakland, California have been attempting to reclaim their city from unwarranted spying by police for years, and the local bureaucracy is not helping. The City took its surveillance operations to a new level during the height of the Occupy Wall-Street Movement in 2013, when police proposed to use $2 million in federal grant money to expand a surveillance ...

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