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Massachusetts Legalizes Cannabis, Cops Keep Arresting People

Cannabis legalization has been a highly contested issue in Massachusetts during the last decade. Possession of less than an ounce of the drug was first decriminalized in 2008. A 2012 law then allowed for 35 outlets to be licensed to sell medical marijuana. Finally, recreational use was legalized at the end of last year. The process has been arduous. After legalizing medical use ...

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Uber Under Federal Investigation For Evading Regulators

A criminal investigation into the multinational ride sharing company Uber has been launched by the U.S. Department of Justice. According to Reuters, two sources familiar with the probe said it concerns the use of a software tool the company used to help drivers evade transportation regulators, called “Greyball.” Following a New York Times article that revealed the software’s existence in March, Uber promptly ...

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