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Tennessee Jailers Threatened, Retaliated Against Inmates Who Exposed Scabies Outbreak, Lawsuit Says

Female inmates in Nashville, Tennessee had their phone privileges revoked, were threatened with solitary confinement and suffered unnecessarily without proper medical treatment during a scabies outbreak, a federal lawsuit alleges. The outbreak occurred at Metro-Davidson County Detention Facility, which is ran by CoreCivic, a company that owns and manages private prisons and detention centers across the country. “Inmates attempted to inform ...

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Mom Given Five Citations After Criticizing Cop For Blocking Traffic

A mother from South Florida says she received five citations, including a felony charge, from a police officer who retaliated against her for simply telling him she didn’t appreciated the way he was blocking traffic. According to Kristy Hernandez, she was attempting to drop her son off at Ben Sheppard Elementary School in Hialeah, but had to wait 20 minutes on Miami-Dade ...

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