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Immunity For Cop Who Raided Wrong Home, Shot Man’s Dog As It Ran Away

A Florida police officer responsible for killing a man’s dog after he entered the wrong apartment in a botched raid committed no rights violations and is entitled to immunity, a federal court has ruled. According to a federal lawsuit, Officer Michael McBride was one of six Hollywood police officers and two Broward Sheriff’s deputies that were following up on a tip in ...

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Secret Service Agent Caught In Online Pedophile Sting Operation Gets 20 Years

A former Washington assigned Secret Service agent has been sentenced to 20 years in prison after being caught in an online pedophile sting operation sending sexually explicit photos to underage girls. According to court documents, 38-year-old Lee Robert Moore was on duty at the White House when he sent images of his erect penis to a 14-year-old Delaware girl. After being caught, ...

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Ammon Bundy Stripped Naked, Beaten, Thrown In Hole For Hanging Shirt On Bed

In a stunning display of disregard for Constitutional protections relating to inmates, federal corrections officers at CCA Nevada Southern Detention Center reportedly stripped Ammon Bundy naked before handcuffing, beating and throwing him in solitary confinement with two dislocated shoulders. Ammon, along with brother Ryan Bundy and five other co-defendants, were found not guilty of conspiring to prevent federal employees from doing their jobs through ...

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