Teen Maced, Tased, Arrested After Being In Place Without “Legitimate Purpose”


Manchester police in New Hampshire say an 18-year-old Hampton Falls man was pepper-sprayed, tased, and arrested after officers accosted him for being in an area without “legitimate purposes.”

Lt. Brian O’Keefe said Connor Deleire was parked in his 2000 Honda Accord at 5:35 p.m. on Merrimack Street, near Union and Merrimack streets – in an area deemed a “predictive hot spot” my police on Wednesday.

O’Keef said officer Derek Cataldo drove by the car and then circled the block in order to get a better look in order to see if Deleire was there for “legitimate purposes,” before approaching the vehicle and confronting the teen.

Deleire gave the officer his ID and “attempted to provide a legitimate reason for being in the area,” O’Keefe said, before the officer determined he was there for no “legitimate purposes” and asked him to step out of the car.

When Deleire exited the vehicle, police say Cataldo noticed a holstered Beretta 9mm, which he took and then placed inside the car and continued speaking.

Police say the teen grew agitated and stated he was not agreeing to have his person or property searched before Cataldo told him he was conducting a pat down to ensure the safety of himself and another officer who arrived on the scene.

Police said Cataldo then felt what he believed to be a gun magazine in Deleire’s front left pocket and the teen pulled away and shoved his hand into said pocket.

The officer “forcefully” pulled his hand out of it O’Keefe said, which was holding several items including a loaded magazine.

Police say Deleire, who was agitated, then dropped the magazine and other items on the roof of his Honda and began “thrashing back and forth.”

Cataldo reportedly told the teen he was under arrest for resisting arrest and police said Deleire began fighting with him and another officer.

More police arrived to “help subdue the combative man,” O’Keefe said, and the four officers needed to use pepper spray and a taser before forcing him to the ground and handcuffing him.

Deleire was then taken to the police station and booked where he was released on $1,000 personal recognizance bail. He is set to appear in Manchester District Court on Nov. 24.