Teens Mistakenly Knock On Door Of Cop – Shots Fired, Manhunt Ensues

Three teenagers were shot at and hunted down like dogs early Saturday morning after mistakenly knocking on the door of a New Jersey State Trooper in Sparta.

The teens reportedly had left a high-school graduation party and were attempting to meet a friend at his home on West Mountain Road.

Instead, they erroneously went to the home next door, and after repeatedly ringing the doorbell and loudly knocking, the unidentified trooper came to the door and yelled at them before they ran away.

The three got into a vehicle and the officer fired three gun shots as they attempted to flee, disabling the car about a half a mile away where two of them – John Baker-Marasco and Jesse Farcorn – were apprehended and taken to the Netcong Trooper Barracks for questioning and processing.

The third, Matthew Mayer, fled on foot, witness say.

Sparta Police and the New Jersey State Police were quickly dispatched and a manhunt ensued involving a helicopter equipped with a spot-light, canine units, foot patrols, and vehicles – which scoured the scene, questioned homeowners and searched private property.

Mayer was eventually found and arrested.

It is not clear what the teens were charged with and involved police agencies have said they cannot comment on the possible charges since the attorney general’s office is conducting the investigation.

The Press Office of the attorney general’s office has not yet responded to requests for comment made by local news outlets.

The startling story precludes the reality that police envision themselves as a protected class in society – to shoot first and ask questions later – even when off-duty.

The reaction has troubled local residents who were awoke to a martial law type abuse of private property rights in the wee hours of the morning during the search.

One homeowner complained that their home and property was searched and another said the police officers came to their home and questioned them about Mayer – but it is not clear how many total homes were combed through during the “investigation.”

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      • Big Red

        Robber or not if they are fleeing the scene and are not a danger to your life, you do not under any circumstances open fire because of freak accident scenarios like this that happen. That cop is so lucky his bullet didn’t kill someone or he’d be in big shit. The autopsy alone would be too difficult to cover up with a nice big bullet to the back from a far distance.

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        • muskratboy

          You are perfectly within your rights to shoot any intruder in your home, in any of the 50 states. If you’re going to have a gun, you should probably go ahead and research the laws a little, don’t you think?

          • FriendlyNeighbor

            You should really look into Michigan property protection laws. It is complete fiction there. Robbers have the right to safety on your property and even have legal precedent to press charges if they hurt themselves accidentally on broken glass they created entering your window. The more you know.

          • PeezMonger

            I know the law. And I know the difference between the letter of the law and the legal realities that accompany said laws. You ever have to retain a lawyer? Do you know the costs? Do you know they can still arrest you, seize your guns, and put you in jail until they “get around” to sorting through the facts? It doesn’t sound like you do.

      • Third_stone

        If you go to his house and slash his tires, he would not call the police, because they are more likely to charge him than you, since he is there and you are gone. Calling the police to help you is not very realistic.

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  • Boots

    Shoot first, ask questions later after they “cover up” their mess, that’s the motto.

    Will have to take note of this town to make sure I never pass through it! There are just way too many cops employed in this country. They have nothing better to do and even worse, they are outside of the law, protected. They can do as they please without fear of consequence. Many of these bottom feeders sign into the force with a taste for blood already on the agenda. Who are the real criminals here? The three teens who rang the wrong door bell and fled from an angry screaming man or the entitled lunatic who without hesitation blindly fires off three shots. It’s scary to think of what may have happened to them had they not fled! Think of all the tax payer resources that were used to apprehend these kids who were probably in fear of their lives! Entire police forces, helicopters… crazy. The US has become more scary than many Third World countries.

    Jeez. Remember “ring and run” as a kid? That kind of prank would justify execution now. F the States. America has become a dark dark place. I fear for the next generation who are born into this new age of Gestapo-like terrorism we now live in. My motto is try to avoid any sort of unnecessary contact with cops if you can. It’s scary out there and these guys are just getting started! It’s only going to get worse for the majority.

    • EveryMurdererWouldLoveToBeACop

      It’s also great advertising for police departments. They’re telling every fucked up person “Come be a cop we can shoot people for no reason!”

    • Scott Kelly

      FWIW, there has been no cover up (at least not yet). And you cannot say that there will be not consequences in this case. People like to jump to conclusions. If the story has been reported, but the offending party has not already been tried convicted and sentenced, then that is evidence of corruption by the government. Let’s give the police and prosecutors time to examine the evidence. I would guess that the officer winds up being charged in this case.

      • Jarnunvosk

        Actually, it would only be evidence of corruption of the police department… which would be redundant in this case.

      • GuamTippedOver

        “I would guess that the officer winds up being charged in this case.”


        You must be new to America. He will get a paid vacation and they will wait to give him his medal for bravery after the attention goes away.

    • Mike Santoro

      Just out of curiosity, why are you still living here? Sounds like someone needs some blood thinners.

  • Trey Reeves

    He came to the door, yelled at them and they ran away.

    Then he decided that lethal action was justified, and opened fire on the teenagers.

    • Tyler Durden

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    • Ross

      and then he probably called it in saying something like. “3 guys just tried to break into my house. I got a few shots off defending myself but they got away”

      I honestly cant figure out why there would have been a manhunt if the kids didnt do anything.

      • Because he is afraid lol don’t you know the police officers are at war (with their broken psyches)?

      • Black Betty

        Because he fired his weapon. He lost his temper and fired his weapon, and then he needed to be out in front of the story in case someone called to report gunfire.

  • James Patrickson

    I don’t think the author understands the meaning of the word “precludes.”

    • muskratboy

      I think you are right. Or it’s just a really, really weird way to use that word.

  • Tyler Durden

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    • Raul Dominguez

      The article is about 1 state trooper firing on teens who knocked on the wrong door. It’s not saying all police are bad. Also, no one is saying they’d rather live in a world without cops, just that they’d rather that cops be held accountable for their actions and not consistently shielded from any consequences when they have a tantrum. Faggot.

      • MF Greg

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      • BooBoo65

        They are held accountable when they are shown to be guilty. Problem is the people that hate the police that motivate these kind of stories aren’t the brightest of the bunch and have trouble in seeing the cops side of the story.

        • GuamTippedOver


          We know their side of the story. “I above the law and every non-cop deserves whatever I decide to do to them.”

    • Lucas Hobbes

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    • Big George

      I think people just want a world with “good” cops. Most of us aren’t so cowardly that we give the police special free reign. You sound like you’re so scared of “door-knockers” that you would let the cops do what-ever they want as long as you don’t have to feel scared. And you call everyone else “p****ys”.

    • Rezeya Montecore

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    • Distemp

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    • Chinmakes5

      If kids knocked on my door and I opened fire, I am pretty sure I would be arrested. Cops should be held to a higher standard, not protected. If you aren’t willing, don’t become a cop. Not saying all cops are bad, I have terrific respect for the cops in Baltimore who just took it so they protected people. But to shoot and call in helecopters because kids pissed you off, is totally unacceptable.

    • dogherder

      Most of what you say in this comment is true. However, not every commenter, T-baby, is an intelligent commenter. You are living proof. As the old man said: “The best part of you ran down your mother’s leg.”

    • Because the alternative is having no cops at all? You’re smart. How about instead of being a shitty troll, you instead… be a good one?

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    • edo

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    • mr.wiener

      Is it too much to ask that the alternative to “No cops” would be good cops?

    • Tyler Turden

      -10/10 for using every idiotic slur in the book. ‘Nutjob faggots?’ They accidentally knocked on his door! It’s like if you try to call your friend but you accidentally mis-dial one number and call the feds on yourself.

    • SargentRock

      Perhaps you should read or even watch Fight Club.

    • Critical thinker

      Those riots were because of police brutality! If there were no police, would those riots have happened?

    • Andy_Lewis

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    • Anon

      Go shoot yourself in the head.

    • Sunwooz

      I’m so sorry you’re one of those uneducated folks who can’t cross partisan lines because of your deep rooted biases. Let us all learn to have more brain cells than you.

    • GodBox

      You already live in fear.

    • michael crockett

      Except that without cops shooting innocent people and the system wiping it under the rugs those riots wouldn’t have existed, without corrupt goverment there would be no riots. There are numerous countries world wide wherelaw enforcement don’t carry guns and they don’t have riots, they also have less crime. Police aren’t here to protect you, they are here to enslave you, why else would they need to be more armed then the average person? How many gangs have gone away because the police have military grade weapons and vehicles? None.

      Also only a pussy would hide behind the police, defend yourself, defend your family and your community and then there is no reason for police.

  • MapThePolice


    We have a site for mapping the police force in your community. Help participate and start mapping!

  • Seb ‘xplo’ Lemery

    What’s the address? People got to go back and show him respect. Too bad i live in Canada…

  • Larry Simpson

    Stupid pigs


    Can we just start this revolution already pls? Im getting antsy.

  • TreeClimber10

    The article says, “The startling story precludes the reality that police envision themselves as a protected class in society – to shoot first and ask questions later – even when off-duty.”

    Preclude – to prevent from happening, to make impossible.

    The story should read, “The startling story is evidence of the reality that police envision themselves as a protected class in society – to shoot first and ask questions later – even when off-duty.

    • dogherder

      The writer is the half-wit brother of the trooper.


    Any other person who discharged a firearm, whether in self-defense or not, would be in jail awaiting prosecution. I doubt that ringing a doorbell would be found a sufficient basis for the use of deadly force. And the thing about “we can’t comment about the charges against the kids” can be translated to “we don’t hace a clue about what we can charge them with, but we have hundreds of law books here, and we’ll find something.”

  • Jebediah Kerman

    This is fucking ridiculous! Three teens made a small mistake and they are hunted like animals, but they don’t do shit about the REAL criminals. Something needs to be done about this fucking police state. This is no longer a free nation!

  • codependent

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  • dan bilzerian third chef

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  • Straight up, fuck the police.

  • Something tells me there is more to this story. Doubtful that shots were fired because of loud knocking on the door. In almost every one of these bad cop stories the cop was in the right when the full story comes out.

  • monk


  • William Bordeau

    Arrested for what? Knocking on the wrong door is now a crime? The officer should serve community service.

  • Stop Treason

    @Tyler Durden
    Please STOP Mating with your OWN sisters and the Goats as INCEST and sex with Animals is EVIL and a SIN! so Please STOP!!!!

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      In ancient times, it was often taboo to have relations with your child or sibling, but the first comprehensive mandate in the Bible didn’t arrive until the Mosaic Law. In the early Old Testament, incest was allowed because it wasn’t genetically dangerous and it wasn’t against the law.

  • mak_th

    Well, it was Sparta, what should we have expected?

  • Cyber Slammer

    When a cop dies, no one cares anymore….

  • Wells Johnston

    You misused the word “precludes”…it ruins your point.

  • Peaceful Streets

    Cops are terrorist scum. Every pig is an enemy to the liberty and safety of Americans. All cops need to be treated with the same dignity and respect as we’d treat any other terrorist.

  • Guro Toad

    More proof that the end game of our society is to create a nation that is an open air prison. Welcome to the gulag comrade!

  • Whip

    Anyone came here from reddit?

  • blindjustice

    “It is not clear what the teens were charged with and involved police
    agencies have said they cannot comment on the possible charges since the
    attorney general’s office is conducting the investigation” Are you kidding me? Can’t wait to see what these Nazi’s come up with for charges. This is like the fucking twilight zone.

  • Leonidas

    Blasphemy? Madness?


  • Chris Averagey

    Doorknocking is a gateway drug.

  • wysd0m

    This cunt needs to chill the fuck out. Crazy, stupid, pathetic asshole.

  • jsucese

    There needs to be a culture change or there will never be a change. These cops need to be held responsible but their police commisions and other leaders try to brush it under the rug and these guys continue to bully and think that just because they have a badge and a weapon that they have the right to hunt down boys who never meant any harm, at least that is the story given from this article.

  • sithishs

    For the “police state” retards, next time you’re not expecting anyone and people start ringing your doorbell repeatedly and pounding on your door in middle of the night, remember this.

  • The truth is waiting to be found, but it won’t be in a rag which calls itself “Police State Daily”.

  • Tim Allen

    There are four grave injustices in this story. 1. An off duty trooper thinking he has some special right/power to exercise his own brand of justice. 2. The teens were arrested for doing nothing wrong, probably because the police assumed the rogue cop was in the right, without first gathering sufficient info to decide the proper course of action. 3. Illegal searches of people’s homes were conducted without the proper warrants, just because the police “assumed” the authority to do so, violating the fourth and fifth amendment rights of the property owners. 4. The trooper was either not arrested for discharging a firearm or attempted murder, or that info has been omitted from this story.